January 21, 2008

Burmese/Fistula split (2004)...

Hyper destructive low-end violence from two of the American underground's most ferocious hate-sludge outfits. A dual assault from feedback-warriors Burmese and battle-sludge titans Fistula. Burmese annhilate everything before them with a lethal blast of low frequency skree tantrums, cough-syrup drenched blastbeats, Whitehouse worshipping noise and demonic free improvised violence. Think Khanate,DropDead,Earth and Merzbow in an earth shattering, widow-making basement deathmatch. Ohio's Fistula batter you up with megaheavy sludge, blistering blackened thrash, diseased rock and some incredibly infectious riffs . Hear these tarpit battle anthems, hail the low frequency berserker. Burmese burn you down...Fistula pisses all over the ashes.