February 24, 2008

Crossed Out - 1990-1993 Discography (2000)...

Crossed Out are a melding of raw thrash, pulverizing grind and bone jarring heaviness that lurches back and forth between blazing and plodding in what seemed, at the time it was recorded, like incongruent randomness but is now easily recognizable as the blueprint for power violence.



  1. Thanks!
    I can't get enough of this power violence stuff; I eat it up.

    I bought the No Skull Left Unturned set based on your single CD post.

    What do you think of Fuck on the Beach or Sleestak?

  2. I will find everything about him. I think Crossed is one of the best in his category and we can't ignore his legacy.

  3. yeah this is a real kick ass history, but well for that time this was totally normal, and more for a men like this.