April 21, 2008

Lazy Farmer - s/t (Songbird, 1975)...

The roots of the English folk scene are traceable to a few remarkable individuals. Paramount amongst them is Wizz Jones. Bert Jansch says, "I think he's the most underrated guitarist, ever." "We all used to follow him around," says John Renbourn. "Him and Davey Graham. He's the great granddaddy, an excellent guitarist." Inspired by American folk blues and wanderers in the Guthrie / Elliot / Kerouac tradition, Wizz began to play guitar seriously in the late 1950's. Versed in the arcana of American blues lore, possessing a right hand worthy of Big Bill Broonzy, Jones was a legendary figure even in the pre-dawn of Britain's folk explosion. Between 1968 and 1977 Wizz played and recorded mostly with a small coterie of friends or a band called Lazy Farmer that he and his wife, Sandy formed with ex-C.O.B. flautist, Joe Bidwell. The sole album that Lazy Farmer cut under their group name was released in Germany, and that is where Wizz' career flourished from the mid-70's onward.


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