May 04, 2008




  1. oh yes ..
    we want the playlist now

  2. not sure, posted this, he will add info soon.

  3. please, where it is possible to find other mixes? really cool.

  4. ey what is this post about. I really don't understan but enjoyed too much.
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  5. Forgot to post a tracklist to this...

    this is a mix i did for ninja tune's solid steel radio last year.

    Meat beat Manifesto – International (Metropolis)
    Field Recordings From Mali – Radio Bamako! (Sublime Frequencies)
    We’re late For Class – 1000 Islands Two
    Disrupt – Blast You To Bits (Werk Disks)
    Meat Beat Manifesto – Colours Of Sound (Metropolis)
    John Baker – Brio (BBC Records)
    Sublime Frequencies – Freedom Fighters (Sublime Frequencies)
    Aavikko – Back From The Futer (Muysic For Peoples)
    RA-X – The Opium Den (Mighty Robot Recordings)
    Plastikman – Circles (Minus)
    Plastikman – Risk Assessment (Minus)
    Disrupt – The Stars My Destination (Werk Disks)
    Harmonic 313 – Flashback (Warp)
    Radio Phnom Penh – Indefinate State Of Emergency (Sublime Frequencies)
    Radio Palestine – Psychic Iman (Sublime Frequencies)
    Porest – After Hours (Abduction)
    Company Flow – Lune TNS (Rawkus)
    Father Pat Berkery – Blessings (Glasgow)
    Quantic – Absence Heard,Presence Felt (Ubiquity Records)
    Porest – Tropical Cancer (Abduction)
    Disrupt – THC 1138 (Werk Disks)
    Underground Resistance – Sabatage (Soundscape)
    Sublime Frequencies – Thank Heavens For Little Girls (Sublime Frequencies)
    Drexciya – Quantum Hydrodynamics (Tresor)
    Liz Allbee – Leisure Sport Overlords in the Polynesian Aisles (CDR)
    We’re Late For class – Cremation Music For The korg (Unknown)
    Tommy Guerrero – Zapatas Boots (galaxia)
    The Oscillation – This Is Nowhere (DC recordings)
    Trickeration – Bounce,Rock,Skateroll (Strut)
    Slum Village – Fall In Love (Wordplay)
    Meat Beat Manifesto – International Reprise (Metropolis)