May 24, 2008

Mayhem - Live In Leipzig (1993)...

Recorded at the Eiskeller club in Leipzig, Germany on November 26, 1990. However, the album was not released until 1993. The songs performed during the concert were from Deathcrush (1987) and the yet-to-be-recorded De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas (1994). It is one of the few official or bootleg albums to feature Dead as vocalist. This album became infamous in the black metal underground due to the great lengths that the band took to present the atmosphere they intended. The show featured intentional wrist slitting by Dead and several graphic props; such as severed pig heads impaled on wooden spikes, pieces of rotting meat being tossed into the audience, and dead ravens placed in bags so band members could continually smell the aroma of death and decay.



  1. thank you for this. the production is really not so bad at all. there are studio albums by many black metal bands that are (intentionally) worse sounding, and many crust punk bands (un-intentionally bad) as well.

    love the blog! such a good mix of tunes, many surprises and many classics alike. cheers!

  2. thank you for the blog. learning about so much i missed, couldn't afford. some favorites, if interested
    left out/sorrychangeforthesame/waste it/make a mistake
    andrei tarkovsky

  3. this isn't half as raw and nasty as people make it out to be. Thanks for the upload. your blog is amazing.

  4. Thanx, nice upload :-)
    If you want, wisit my music blog.
    thanx :-P