May 06, 2008

Order From Chaos - An Ending In Fire (1998)...

So ahead of their time were Order From Chaos that only now are many in the metal underground coming to realize their majesty. OFC captures in their music the perfect union of power, honor, intelligence, and technical proficiency. Playing a style that blends elements of death metal, black metal, thrash, and perhaps even more disparate influences, OFC concocted a sound that has yet to be duplicated. Lyrically, OFC combine subtle and intelligent language with an impressive knowledge of philosophy, history, and science to weave together an intricate landscape of apocalyptic visions - Nuclear War Now




    Been looking for this record forever, thanks.

    Man your fucking blog kills...

  2. Thanks.

    That's an interesting description. What would make this alleged combination more potent or different than any other?

  3. yeah good point, it is just the spiel that nuclear war now put out for this release but nevertheless those guys have got heart. i guess a few shots of jagermeister and the volume tanked right up will give you the answer?

  4. One of the best bands ever!!!!I love all of O.F.C's stuff but I missed this one!!!

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  6. Order from chaos is my favorite metal band, it's a real shame that all it's members uses kamagra now.

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