August 06, 2008


Compilation I put together of songs that featured in a few old skate videos, mostly H-Street, Santa Cruz and Blind Video Days (with a fine sprinkling from some others). If you were'nt into skateboarding from 1988 onwards then you'll most likely get no joy out of this post and the music overall won't have much of an effect on you, but if you were, then these tracks should blow you away! So if you know any skate rats from back then, even the balding, top heavy ones and even the ones who've lost that glint in their eye then tell them about this post... or don't, perhaps its best left in the past?

Skate Video Days compilation Vol. 1...

Little Ethnic Song - Dinosaur
Birds Fly High - Wonderful Broken Thing
Teu Bem - Patife Band
Not The Same - Handy with Shovels
A Lot Less (demo) - Sub Society
Plastic - Plaid Retina
AM Rap - DJ Dex/Mike Ternasky
Roam Around - Wonderful Broken Thing
Another Crime - Milk
The Isolator - Sub Society
Brave Captain - fIREHOSE
Coolidge - Descendents
Whats So Strange About Me!! - Eight Dayz
Freak Scene - Dinosaur Jr.
My War - Black Flag
Traneing In - John Coltrane
Just Like Heaven - Dinosaur Jr.
The Knife Song - Milk
Real World - Husker Du
Theres A War - Jason Lee
Hard Corey - Sub Society
White Cross - Sonic Youth
Paraniod Chant - Minutemen
Leave Me All Alone - Eight Dayz
Standin' On The Verge - JFA
Gun And A Tear - Kirk And The Jerks
Squeaky Wheel - Sub Society
Hate - Olivelawn
I Felt Like A Gringo - Minutemen
Keep My Soul Awake - Farside
The Wagon - Dinosaur Jr
Rockstar - Sub Society
Self Inflicted Pain - Potential Threat
Sleep Talk - Sub Society
Telephone Betty - Loopzilla
They Always Come - Dinosaur Jr
To Be A Hero - Kirk And The Jerks
What Gets Heard - fIREHOSE
Your Not A Punk - Spermbirds
Nervous nightmare - Handy with Shovels
Girls, Guys & Trains - Wonderful Broken Thing




  1. Here is a great site about old skool sk8ing, custom bikes and boobs you might dig...

  2. matt hensley... rick howard... my all time favorites!!! and music would always make their video parts even more special...

  3. this is the best fucking blog. do you know stuart hammond & brady?

  4. hecka tight dude. fully vibe to this shit dog!

  5. I am 24, sort of maybe starting to bald a little, kind of have a gut and everyday sink into some sort of depression over my broken body and not really being able to shred anymore...

    This post made me cry. absolutly amazing

  6. 24? crying over this shit, you were'nt even around back then man, and goin bald? dude you shouldnt worry so much! cheers though dog!

  7. amen. I'm 36, the hair hasn't fully migrated north...and I never skated, but I listened to all that shit early on. I still get crap from people for liking Firehose. It seems that being a fan of theirs is only slightly less controversial than asserting that Keith Morris was the best Black Flag singer (which I patently believe he was...let the games begin).
    Keep up the good work. Apparently all you need to do is insult people and the comments come a-callin. It'll be interesting to see how long it lasts.

  8. Ah, so harsh. As a serious skatehead, these songs ring true. Sitting around the tape player playing guess that skaters park based on what song was playing. Extra points if you can name the tricks. Brian Lotti, Gurrero, all the classic bay skaters. It's in my veins.

    I hear that though, it ain't so bad.

  9. Never been a skater...

    but I have been reminded that how much I like Dinosaur Jr and JFA!

    Thanks for that.

    Also, it's weird seeing Jason Lee as a skater. I only knew him from Kevin Smith films until a couple of years ago.

  10. and i don't know about you but i liked better the mix of "Girls, Guys & Trains" by Wonderful Broken Thing on the video than on the CD...

  11. yeah, the cd with the 'better' Trains version is on scotchtape and threadspools, this version is from lookin for mike lookinland and was recorded in the studio and the other cassette in the kitchen style... someone should buy it and post the 'proper' version here cos i don't want that stinkin shit version, its like having a mentally handicapped child, fucks the compo up man!

  12. dude thanks for the mix classic stuff perfect for crusin down the street bustin ticks will blast it tomorrow on my skate home from work thanks

  13. nice mix bitch face,
    we watched AND NOW vid, with this as the alternate soundtrack , much much better, this'll be on my skate-pod permanent-like

  14. awesome fucking comp!
    i skated back then, and now every once in awhile...

    i'd love the soundtrack to h-street's shackle me not!!!

    can you hook that up?

    matt- you seen him?
    matt? matt who?
    matt hensley?
    oh- i think he's on his way to the store...

    greezus at gmail dot com

    thanks for another great blog- found yr link through fugitive equilibrium!

  15. Nice one, thanks.

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  17. wow I'm glad I found this blog! I'm 34 now, back in 87-91 were my skate hey days and H-street was #1 on my alter! Hensley, Sal, Brian Lotti all favorites. My close friend Pat Brennen was a pro for Powell back in 90-91 at the time. Anyhow, I'm on the prowl for most of the songs off the Shackle Me Not video. I found most of the songs/bands on myspace but I can't find jack shit on The Committed (night skating montage and mini-ramp skate montage). Are you able to get a decent copy of these 2 tracks? or even their whole album? I can't find a lick of them on the net, I know Mario Rubalcaba was their drummer. Any help would be awesome.

  18. Hey this Don from Plaid Retina! Yeah I'm a fat old guy now but I'm still skating! I still play drums too (in a FAST hardcore band, no less!). I go to the bowls in the free parks a lot but I've been trying to get parking lots back in my life, skating the parking blocks doing bonlesses & shit like that. Been trying to bring inverts back too but DAMN I'm fat...not giving up though I've been practicing the motions in a swimming pool. Lata!!

    1. Jesus Don only nearly 10 years later I reply to this! Your band was sick. You got any other tracks still? Thanks very much!

  19. Agreed, Keith Morris was the shit! I remember the front foot impossible man... it took me all summer on a Natas to finally pull that off. Thanks for the tracks I was looking for Squeaky Wheel and now I got it. I still skate but now I got 2 kids that skate with me it is fucking awsome!!! Sk8r4life

  20. is that paulo diaz in that last picture? fuck, what a ruler he was back on the day.

  21. You sir are a legend. I've been putting together a compilation of skate video soundtracks from the late 80's/early 90's for the past 18 months and there's a whole heap on here I've been struggling to find. So glad Google pointed me in this direction during my quest to find Sub Society Sleep Talk

    When I've finished this little project, I'll be sure to ping you the link the final work.

  22. Pretty Awesome! Thanks for this, I've been craving some Handy with Shovels!

  23. OH MY GOD!!! This music made me feel like I was 12 again -- used to watch the videos and get amped up before I went to skate. I have been looking for this music for 25 years, especially stuff from Gullwing Inside Out (best skate music of all time, IMHO) and the H-Street videos. Now I can use it to get amped up on my dissertation -- same emotions, different skills now. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  24. Anyone new deal skatevideo music availble?!

  25. Great selection. The only song I see missing is Weakness by McRad, which was used on a few Powell/Peralta videos and possibly others.

  26. I need this right now. Everything sucks but this shit takes me back. Thanks man!