September 16, 2008

Order From Chaos - Dawn Bringer (Shivadarshana, 1994)...

Order From Chaos was Pete Helmkamp's band prior to the mighty Angelcorpse, and their style was raw death metal with lots of tempo changes and Helmkamp's token snarl. Some of the longer tracks like "War and Pain" and "Tenebrae" bring in a few subtly melodic/dissonant chords and lots of chugging midpaced breaks that can get really heavy, but there's plenty of speed as well as a lot of experimental sort of elements (large portions of noise textures and vocal effects in "Labyrinthine Whispers", strange piano and some spoken vocals in "Webs of Perdition", etc.). The recording is of course dated and certainly rugged, but the thick texture of the guitar tone is fucking awesome for what they're were doing.



  1. FUCK YES.
    Always loved what this band did... nice post.

  2. Thanks!!

    Gotta love the raw early 90's death metal.