October 01, 2008

Shark Move - Chede Chokra's Shark Move (Shadoks, 1970)...

(Epicly melodramatic and morosely weird fuzzed out psych, morose like the track at the end of the 80's tv series 'Monkey')

Another heavy title from Shadoks that restores an obscure 1970 psych monster from Indonesia. Shark Move have that classic slow sunrise sound of countless South American titans mixed with the kind of sunburst vocal style that floats the best of the UK freakbeat sides (Jason Crest et al), crunching fuzz, heavy keyboards and kaleidoscopic song stylings. This is ambitious, florid psych that should please anyone who digs the more dramatic UK sugarcube moments as much as the more enjoyably complex Euro prog shit. And if that ain't you, who the fuck is it? - Volcanic Tongue



  1. No comments? Whhaaaaaaaat? I just discovered your blog today and this is not only one of the coolest things on it, but probably one of the coolest things I've heard in what is left of my memory. Can you recommend anything else with this same "epicly melodramatic and morosely weird" vibe? It is ripping my mind in half and eating the halves.

  2. I thought i had everything by Giant Step, one of my fav bands ever! Then i found this group with founding members and been searching this album for about 30 min, good to find it and your blog. Ill try and keep up with it.

    Good work,

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