December 12, 2008

Cripple Bastards - Punk's Not Music : Collection Tape (Upground, 1995)...

"Good sequel to the "1988-1991" MC - compiling unreleased CB live/reh/studio recordings going from 1992 to early '95. Over 70 tracks in 60 minutes, variating from the older CB Noisecore nihilism to new, more structured tracks written for the ep's coming out those years, showing our attempt to amalgamate extreme Grind rawness w/ the basic features of '80s italian Hardcore. As a matter of fact here you get the first, embryonic versions of tracks like "Italia di merda", "Padroni", "Prospettive limitate" - fated to became some of the most popular hits among diehard CB fans"...

Rehearsal recorded with camera, summer ‘94

(LINE UP: Giulio - Vocals // Alberto - Guitar // Michele - Drums)
1-Intro 2-September 18th 1993 3-Padroni 4-Ragman 5-Mass media 6-Italia di merda - Interlude
Live in Torino / “EL PASO”, dec. ‘94

(LINE UP: Giulio - Vocals // Alberto - Guitar // X-man - Drums)
1-Intelligence means 2-Bane 3-War spoils 4-More frustrations
Impact + Cripple Bastards release party Live in Casalpusterlengo (Pavia) / Pub “Lenz”, apr. ‘95
(LINE UP: Giulio - Drums + Vocals // Alberto - Guitar)
1-Authority? 2-0:01 3-Asti punx 4-Bore ‘91 5-September 18th 1993 - Interlude
Good sound rehearsal meant to be released on vinyl, 1993
(LINE UP:Giulio - Vocals // Alberto - Guitar // Michele - Drums)
1-Prisons 2-Radije volim 3-Far from my best friends 4-War spoils
Rehearsal 1992 before minitour in Croatia
(LINE UP: Giulio - Drums + Vocals // Alberto - Guitar)
1-Progress on dead masses 2-Too rich to live
Song with drum machine recorded somewhere in Torino, 1992
(LINE UP: Giulio - Vocals // Alberto - Guitar)
1-Miniaturized Eden
Live in Torino / “PRINZ EUGEN”, jul. ‘94
(LINE UP: Giulio - Drums + Vocals // Alberto - Guitar)
1-Useful/Useless 2-Italia di merda 3-War spoils 4-What I thought 5-Without a shadow of justice 6-Self -justice punx 7-Prisons 8-Asti punx 9-September 18th 1993 10-Authority? 11-0:01 12-Peasants 13-Bore ‘91 14-Bane 15-Asti punx 16-S.L.U.T.S - Interlude
Rehearsals 1992 in Torino
(LINE UP: Giulio - Drums // Alberto - Guitar + Vocals)
1-Stimmung (early version) 2-What I thought 3-Ragman (early version) 4-Disagreeable selections 5-What I thought - Interlude

Professionally recorded rehearsal meant to be released on vinyl Aug. '94

(LINE UP: Giulio - Vocals // Alberto - Guitar // Michele - Drums)
1-Intro 2-Prospettive limitate 3-Danas je dan za lijencine 4-Sexual hysteria 5-September 18th 1993 6-Prejudices & walls 7-Milicija die!!
Live in Firenze / “C.P.A.”, feb. ‘95
(LINE UP: Giulio - Vocals // Alberto - Guitar // X-man - Drums)
1-September 18th 1993 2-Nothing on Earth 3-Self-justice punx 4-Dealing with a pressing problem 5-Italia di merda 6-Bane 7-What I thought 8-Mass media 9-Ratings 10-Images of war, images of pain 11-Padroni 12-War spoils - Interlude
Professionally recorded rehearsal, mainly Patareni/Buka covers meant to be featured on the Patareni/Buka tribute comp. CD, Aug. '93
(LINE UP: Giulio - Vocals // Alberto - Guitar // Michele - Drums)
1-Debilana 2-Najduza stvar 3-Ich gehe zur schule 4-Pastete 5-Disagreeable
selections (C.B.) - Interlude
Good sound rehearsal 1993 - Some tracks have been featured on the split 7” with W.B.I.
(LINE UP: Giulio - Vocals // Alberto - Guitar // Michele - Drums)
1-S.L.U.T.S. 2-Vital dreams 3-Frightened/Neglected 4-Without a shadow of justice - Interlude
Live in Asti / Ex-caserma, jun. ‘94. Worst C.B. gig ever!!
(LINE UP: Giulio - Vocals // Alberto - Guitar // Michele - Drums // X-man - Back voice)
1-Spero venga la guerra 2-Bane 3-Troia
Live in Thannhausen (Germany) / “JUGENDTREFF”, oct. ‘93
(LINE UP: Giulio - Drums + Vocals // Alberto - Guitar)
1-Far from my best friends 2-Useful/Useless 3-Prisons 4-War spoils - Outro




  1. Wow... that's what i'm talking about man...

    New CB is pretty boring, but their old-noisecore stuff is godlike, thanks a lot, duder

  2. Can someone upload the full-length by Silentist? i can't find it anywhere...

  3. hi thanx for everything!, is there more wold you'd be willing to post?...i sure love the one you put up before!

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