May 08, 2009


Dracula Lewis "Vernasca, Valhalla" C30 (Hundebiss, 2008)

"Dracula Lewis is one of the most well hidden deep dark secret from eastern-Europe, based in Romania he spent long time traveling all over the world. Vernasca, Valhalla is the first official release and Hundebiss Records is proud to present this four tracks done with a broken mixer and two open-mic. The result is a deep listening, lo-fi aggressive electronics with weird field recordings but also a spacey melodic sweet sound who came up from this maelström."

"Everything done with a broken mixer, open mic and some effects, no loops, computers or synth were used in this session." (Hundebiss)

Nice outer space-psych-horror electronics, mostly feedback based with some wolfman-vampire cameos here and there. Really good stuff. Tape is now sold out.

Side A - 35 oct. 1916, A Letter From Transylvania
Side B - Il Mattino ha Loro In Bocca, The Magic Feature Number Twelve





  1. only about halfway through the first track, but this is pretty sick so far. thanks.

  2. hey, any chance you can re up the link? or mail to me buskingtrolleyman (at gmail (dot) com ?

    tks x