September 18, 2009

Moontower - Aryan Metal Terror demo (Garazel, 2000)...

Polish NSBM



  1. 'aryan' metal terror?

    bit dodgy, no?

  2. i think most who listen to black/death metal dont have a clue about the real views of most these bands anyway, i couldnt give a shit, i listen to the music and 'can' understand the reasons behind the annihilation/hatred philosophies, some i agree with some i dont. our government is way more fascist anyhow but i still live 'legally' under their rule, you work for them anyway, our National Insurance conributions were originally thought up by the bank of england to fund the broke government in the second world war. they sold us off, we are actually owned by the cunts if you look into admiralty law.

    anyway check the site of NSBM if your interested, im not...

  3. not getting at you for posting it man but i was interested in your opinion...cleared up now...besides i have way more overt 'dodgy' shite on my hard drive than this

    i wouldn't say our government's as openly fascist as this by a longshot though...i've come to believe that the only ideology most western 'democratic' governments have is basically based around economics and a completely blinkered view that the material world is all there is and is all there's ever going to you know, my opinion on this differs radically

    and as for national insurance...while it's original purpose might have been to shore up an economy teetering on the brink of collapse since ww2 it does have some benefits for the population at large...only some mind you...the concept of taxes was created to fund wars anyway and still does so today...but what you gonna do about it? i might consider myself an anarchist in some sense but there's no 'collective' out there that's gonna fund me to sit on my arse all day smoking weed and thinking interesting thoughts...and mores the fucking pity


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