September 20, 2009


"Under various aliases – the Focus Group, the Advisory Circle, Belbury Poly – the secret chiefs of the Ghost Box label craft an apparently unique strand of British electronica, drawing on library recordings, 1970s schools television and psycho-geographical theory. But, lacking a genesis myth, they’ve exhumed Mount Vernon Arts Lab’s forgotten 1999 album, The Séance at Hobs Lane, which anticipated their innovations, and repackaged it in the livery of their own releases, fabricating evidence of a musical movement. The spiralling cello of The Black Drop has an eerie resonance, and Sir Keith at Lambeth’s shimmering oscillations trigger Proustian memories of teatime terror." (Stewart Lee)

Mount Vernon Arts Lab - The Séance at Hobs Lane (Ghost Box, 2007)


Ghost Box


  1. thnk you so much! got turned onto this thru the recent broadcast colab- thnx

  2. anymore ghost box to post? thnx