October 17, 2009


In 2008 my brother in law Henry, perhaps known to some of you as Riton, released his "Eine Kleine Nacht Musik" album. This beautiful (& maybe a bit overlooked) album was in part inspired by the records that I'd lent him from my Krautrock collection. We put this "Eine Kleine Tonite Mix" together to accompany that album in an unofficial capacity, to showcase this Krautrock music, as a gift to his fans & as a promotional tool for my (now defunct) clothing label Tonite. I say "we", but infact the mix is all Henry's work; I once again lent my records, suggesting what I thought were the strongest tracks. Henry by no means stuck to these suggestions, choosing what he felt would work & blending the seperate tracks together into a seamless whole. Some tracks are on the mix in their entirety & some are quite severely edited. I love what he's done with it...even tunes that are well familiar to my ears are given a new life. One last thing for the purists: not all the artists on this mix are German but all the music was released on German labels.





  1. any chance for a track listing?

  2. yeeahh thatd be great.thanks stilo

  3. Wow, I had no idea your brother was Riton. Small, crazy, musical world we live in! Great blog and thanks for reminding about his mix...haven't listened to it for awhile.

  4. no no, its my blog, Ferg is a friend who's records were used and Riton is his brother-in-law that put the mix together.


  5. thnx for the mvab post, really enjoy it- got anymore ghostbox records to post? thnx

  6. This is great stuff, thanks. Managed to hunt down a tracklist too -


  7. Fantastic mix!

    Thanx to Worried Well for the track list also. Got some diggin' to do now...