October 02, 2009


Parabellum (of Colombia) were a big influence on Mayhem or at least Euronymous and you can tell. If you like Reencarnación then you'll probably be into this too. It compiles all of the Parabellum material, well 2 EP's Sacrilegio '87, Mutacion Por Radiacion '88 and some demo/rehearsal recordings. Anyway i was reading a review of this release and thought it funny 'cos everything this fella hates about it is everything i thinks fuckin' great...

"Just listen to the first track ''Engendro 666''. Starting with a acoustic guitar section which just doesn't fit, plus the guitar is out of tune. (Hah, normally I'm having a hard time hearing that, but this was just too easy to notice.) Then, the basic drumming kick in, some guitar ''riffs'' out of nowehere appear and the vocalist is screaming his ass off and it sounds like he's having no idea what he's singing. At 4:16 there's a guitar ''solo'' which has absolutely no purpose and sounds more irritating than good. What's next? Noise! Lot's of fucking noise! Someone make it stop, please! The vocals, which sound too chaotic are the best on this compilation. The vocals are similar to those done by that guy from Necrovore, something in between of black/death metal vocals. They sometimes, however sound over dramatically and chaotic. The lyrics weren't written in English, so I can't judge them. The guitar riffs are mediocre and uninspired and more noise than anything else. The guitar ''solo's'' are nothing more than pure garbage. The drumming is either too basic, like a standard metal band, or totally lacks rhythm and plays something chaotic that doesn't fit songs. The song writing is just bad. Lot's of random noise and annoying random screams/growls, rhythm lacking drumming, weird guitars. The production is also bad. The instruments sound either like a big mess and create noise, or sound separated from each other, like they were afraid to record this, which isn't a weird idea actually."

By the way the cover above is from Mutacion Por Radiacion 'cos the one provided by Blasfemia stinks.

Parabellum - Tempus Mortis (Blasfemia, 2005)...


Reencarnación's 888 Metal LP was posted earlier on THIS page

(i might post the demos tomorrow)