February 09, 2010

Levitate The White House


"A beyond-gone hard/nuclear fusion quartet unlike anything we have going today. Larry Young’s on organ, right around the time of Lawrence of Newark, the singular sensation named Nicholas is on hot-rodded, ring-modulated prototype guitar synthesizer, and the double-drumming clusterfuck of Joe Gallivan and Jimmy Molnieri brings up the rear, situated in the park across from Nixon’s White House in 1972 and intensely focused, or so the President thought, on making that motherfucker levitate. (He had Halderman shut it down, that pig). Sounds like a weather balloon filled with gasoline rolled over hot coals – pounding freeform jazz/groove/rock that does not – cannot – let up. If you enjoy substances that temporarily alter perception and mindstate, this one just might kill you. Chocolate city meltdown envisioned as Vietnam protest, and every bit as relevant then as it is now."(Dusted)

info/buy @ WEIRD FOREST

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