March 05, 2010

Jiří Barta

Jiří Barta is a Czech stop-motion animation director. His films, many of which used the medium of wood for animation, garnered critical acclaim and won many awards, but after the fall of the communist government in Czechoslovakia he was unable to release anything for about 15 years.

A Ballad About Green Wood
11 minutes, color, 1983

The Club of the Laid Off
25 minutes, color, 1989

The Design
6 minutes, color, , 1981

Disc Jockey
10 minutes, color, 1980

The Last Theft
21 minutes, color, 1987

The Pied Piper of Hamelin
55 minutes, color, 1985

Riddles For a Candy
8 minutes, color, 1978

The Vanished World of Gloves

16 minutes, color, 1982


  1. excellent post - i wasn't familiar with his visually happening work - thanx

  2. This guy is awesome. I talked about him a lot in my dissertation. One of the best stop motion artists out there. Check out his recent feature film "In the Attic: Or Who Has a Birtday Today?" - it's a kids fantasy flick and is packed with incredible stop motion.
    Cool blog by the way.