March 18, 2010

Pom Pom - CD 001 (2008)

"The shadowy Pom Pom have been beavering away in obscurity since 2001, releasing untitled tracks in text-free, "none-blacker" vinyl-only editions, no information available aside from gushing blurbs on the Kompakt website "Totally exciting new techno from Berlin. Drexciya-inspired genius druggy stuff!". In a culture currently collapsing from promotion-overload, this information-void is particularly appealing. And Pom Pom's clunky brand of techno only adds to the charm—brazenly hand-crafted, functional, but with little interest in fads or genre conventions, this is weird stuff. It sounds like the product of Berghain mated with Profan: dark, reverb-dunked rhythms lost in pools of tape hiss, divergent patterns causing further confusion, crudely sampled patches of static. Pom Pom is Marcel Dettmann meets Marcel Marceau; punishing, but with tongue-in-cheek and a playful glint in its eye. If T. Raumschmiere is techno's punk-rock, then Pom Pom is its NoWave." Resident Advisor


  1. Check out the new Pom Pom as well(pom pom 33). Possibly the best pom pom installment yet.

  2. Can I have some new Pom Pom please?