March 28, 2010


Albeit written in 1994 and published not until 1996, hence quite outdated nowadays, this book still remains an all-time classic. Varg Vikernes deals with the history and destiny of his native homeland - Norway - and appeals to his kinsmen to abandon the materialistic and antihuman "modernism" in favor of the ancient and heathen beliefs of their elders.

This work outlines the philosophical and ideological ideas of an angry and very upset young man - Varg - as they were back in 1994. Even though it's outdated - and not really representative for Varg's ideas as they appear today - it's still very worthwhile, interesting and thought provoking reading.

Varg Vikernes comments on the book



  1. ha!

    i don't know if you're trying to be controversial just for the sake of it or what...don't think i'll bother with this anyway. lords of chaos was a fairly entertaining read but this guy would be a cunt with or without his fairy tale take on the world (and i just read an interview in some metal mag that confirms this a thousandfold)...what happened to all the death threats he got when he was banged up anyway? are they all too busy playing d & d (probably world of warcraft nowadays come to think of it) now or what...

    if you want to put up some REALLY entertaining dodgy 'literature' up here then get yourself a pdf of 'the turner diaries', it's a laugh a minute and has a fantastic ending...i won't spoil it here for you


    (don't forget about my birthday invitation like)

  2. your looking into posts too much man. its up for those interested in checking it out is all; its not like im going to censor stuff.

  3. and i'd never expect you to mate but i reserve the right to call someone a cunt too if the mood takes me and that guy is a cunt

    and if you don't put posts up (especially those of objectional material to some, say) for people to 'look' into and comment on then why bother?

    you do it for the rise some will take, hmmm?

    i enjoyed my little diatribe anyway, brightened up my night before work that did. . .

  4. Varg Vikernes is an idiot, it`s as simple as that.
    there's nothing worthwile about his silly diatribes which are nothing but a wild mash-up of fantasy and fascist crap.

  5. listen i dont give a fuck what you think about him so stop telling me. at the very least he has an opinion to put out there be it good or bad in whofuckinevers eyes. its a universal law of the universe- the bad man must exist and anyhow nobody gives two fucks about anycunt but themselves these days so i'll listen or at least appreciate most who dare speak about their beliefs; so he can say whatever he wants... maybe YOU should think hard about the word 'fascist' and peddle your typical comments elsewhere.

    NOT on Vargs side but im not on yours either.

  6. i'm not sure if it's a universal law about bad men having to exist you know...i'm pretty sure that universal laws (of whatever *meta*physical shape) probably don't take 'men' into account at all...

    getting a bit worked up anyway aren't fascist

  7. on a *meta*physical level describe what *man* is?

  8. that's a tough one isn't it? and i've just woken up too...
    (by the way the asteriks around meta are there to denote a separation between physics (i.e. human laws pertaining to certain fundamental 'rules' dealing with objective reality, in essence what we can judge and extrapolate on through our senses...and metaphysics which of course deals with what we actually think that that reality is...i tried to use this-< and this-> but it wouldn't let me)
    so what is man (man being used to describe an animal split into two seperate genders of course but lets just use man for now yes?)?
    i think we can all agree that the genus 'human' is an
    (i ran out of space to write here so i'm going to continue and email this to you)

  9. decided to put the rest up here anyway...

    i think we can all agree that the genus 'human' is an animal derived from an evolutionary process spanning many thousands of years...and if your theories of that involve alien experimentation and elaborate gene sequencing for fun and games then i'd like to see some real evidence because the evidence we do have that's been carefully cultivated for the past couple of hundred years points to us being nothing more than a subset of the ape family, primates plain and simple (i'd also suggest getting in touch with wordy who obviously knows a lot more about this kind of thing)

  10. so...physically we're nothing more than a pretty smart monkey, good with tools and the technology that stems from that but more importantly we're conscious in a way that (as far as we know) other animals aren't...this has enabled us to come to certain conclusions about the space we inhabit (i.e. planet mud on a 1:1 physical level and the universe on a much wider scale)...there are certain 'laws' that we've discovered about this space we live in that apparently seem pretty set and (for now) totally immutable

  11. to this end we created a branch of human knowledge that we call 'physics' where we (as in the majority of 'us' who think about this kind of stuff) came to certain conclusions about the limits of physical reality and pretty much said "ok, this far and no further" in regards to things like light, gravity, motion etc...which isn't to say that these laws are set in stone because science is a fairly malleable thing, a belief system just like religion in essence but given a strong enough argument rules can be modified and changed because unlike religion the tools we use to set those rules are evolving constantly...for instance, right now the speed of light has been measured and seems like a pretty insurmountable thing to an animal that still only gets into outer space by strapping barely intelligent monkeymen to a million tonnes of fireworks and pushing them out of the earths atmosphere on a wing and a prayer but given sufficient time we might intellectually evolve to a point where we can create machines that can smash even these collosal speeds as we've already created machines that enable us to bend the rules when it comes to certain physical rules on earth

  12. ok, where am i?

    physics, see above...a loose description of a vast topic but i think we're getting somewhere anyway

    now...metaphysics...not really a scientific discipline at all is it, instead a philosophy dreamed up in an attempt to get to an understanding of real science...a way of trying to get to the bottom of scientific understanding without the scientific tools we have today ...created at a time when tools were essentially no more than sharp things designed to cut people up so that you didn't have to have stupid fucking arguments and discussions about what 'reality' was

    hmmm, metaphysics...let's just say that it's the mode of scientific thought we had before there was such a thing as real science...a way of looking at the world and attempting to understand it on a material level divorced from concepts like god...wikipedia's got this to say about it anyway-"Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that investigates principles of reality transcending those of any particular science."...which sounds pretty good to me

  13. an we finally get around to your question here? i'm not sure but i'll have a go. . .

    what is man on a metaphysical level?

    nothing...nothing at all mate...i know what man is on a physical level because it seems pretty obvious to me...just another animal, still red in tooth and claw and still existentially motivated by the same things that other animals are because we're just biological machines with no apparent purpose at all

    but on a metaphysical level we've been blessed/cursed with the ability to understand things on a much higher level than other animals...and the sad thing is that we still don't understand why so what we might think of as our higher impulses are in fact nothing more than animal drives given a sheen of put it in terms that link this to your original post on varg vikernes that i commented on, his opinions on the validity of the nordic/aryan race being the true 'master' race on planet earth is nothing more than one dog getting agitated about another dog pissing on his favourite caught up he is in wanting to create a personal belief that he's 'special' and deserving of something more than the 'mudpeople' that he fails to see that his whole identity is nothing more than a cosmic accident whose odds of reoccuring couldn't even be measured by an adding machine that exists on multiple quantum realities

    i don't think i've really answered your question at all but i gave it a to make a rebuttal?

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  15. n. real,

    the misogyny inherent in a word that appears in a number of your posts makes you as bad as indeed i'd argue worse than any "nazi" or "racist". your vapid and predictable drivel has become a paradigm among twits who think for want of a better word that they're "clever" simply for raging against anything that even remotely resembles nationalism or rationalism. all you have managed to do here is to demonstrate that you're an idiot and a hypocrite...bravo!