April 14, 2010


Stigma Diabolicum (Kyrck, 2007)

demo/rehearsal compilation from '89 - '92. Thorns perfected primitive Black Metal early on, their influence is as important in the history of Norweigian Black Metal as anything else. (The riff from "Into the Promised Land" ended up being used in Mayhems "From the Dark Past")

1-2: Trøndertun demo
3-8: Grymyrk Rehearsal cassette
9-10: Rehearsal under the previous pseudonym of 'Stigma Diabolicum'
11-13: Stigma Diabolicum demo
14-15: Rehearsal

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  1. Thank you for posting this. This is far more than some historical footnote. I love the tracks that are slow and engrossing