June 06, 2010


Panasonic 12" EP (Sähkö, 1994)

Pan Sonic


  1. I used to work at Panasonic in mid 90's, when i first heard Panasonic. I kept my mouth shut.

    Hated the fucking job.
    You'd get birds eating their breakfast and smoking 3 fags in the space of 15 minutes during first break.

  2. most of the panasonic products that ive had have served me well, i was into the walkmans back in 92-93 but this cunt swindled me out of it. 120 quid for a walkman, good grief!

    i used to work the fruit and veg in a poncy organic shop, unfortunately this scally geordie wench was my manager (im from the north east too) so she felt some area creed comradery, that i didnt nonetheless i'd have to breathe in her pungent cloud that was a concoction of some sort of super cheap sweet smelling perfume that could make your fucking eyes bleed if you didnt blink regularly, marlboro reds and 4 cans of red bull and literally 5 mins after id woke up 6am. the violent thoughts i had were tremendous

  3. Panasonic are/were/will always be fucking immense and that is final.

    Something you may enjoy if you do enjoy this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95oh8Qed0-c

  4. Was she sharing a bed with something that appreciated her hidden inner beauty and generous kind and loving personality?

    These creatures tend to do that.

    Ashtray with 40,000 dogends in it ready to be rolled up and resmoked in emergencies with a cup of coffee with base amphets masquerading as sugar.

    I'm back in action now. Got meself a proxy server.