August 30, 2010

"Dick snorkel"

Wu Tang Clan - Mystagogue Vol. I & II

Heres a couple of old Wu mixtapes, they've been floating around for a while... i don't have a clue about Vol I, could easily be an old Rza demo that got labeled wrongly on the net although it seems to be accepted as this on the Wu-Tang forum plus it makes sense seeing as theres a sequel, its got Raekwons 'Ice Cream' track on there so it could be from '94 or '95... fuck knows and so what, still some fairly early Rza? Vol II came free bagged with 'Slap' skate mag back in '96.

"Word is bond, Im comin to get my Culture Cipher god"


  1. Always fresh, I love this blog. Thanks!

  2. fuck yessssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  3. this blog is really cool, keep it up

  4. this is so on point, thanks for bringin' it d00d

  5. 'ere, Stiles. Do you like ROVO? I've recently bought the lot on cd for a few hundred quid and am ripping them to FLAC to post for my belated anniversary (soon as Pico arrives). Would you be up for a guest reviewer on one? I got a couple so far, seeing as you gave us a leg up on KTK.
    I send here, cos u never check yer mail often. Drop us a line if yer interested.

  6. smoke dope n' rapWednesday, September 15, 2010

    Do you have Dre Dog-The New Jim Jones?