November 02, 2010

His Omniversity

featuring Sun Ra and his Arkestra
(1972, released 1974)
Stream VHS 63' version HERE

In 2003, the movie was re-released in its entire 82-minute format on DVD, after a heavily-edited 63-minute version on VHS. The original cuts were requested by Sun Ra, which director John Coney attributed to Sun Ra's prudishness.
The scenes indeed follow a racy "pimps and hos" narrative that is not entirely congruous with the rest of the film, and there was a notable backlash from fans of the original film.
The fact that the director inserted these scenes without the consent of Sun Ra does in fact leave room for scrutiny, considering the absence of Sun Ra in the scenes themselves.

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  1. Thanks for these, got the first 2 on vinyl and love them, been meaning to get nbr 3...