December 29, 2010

DJ Sound

Vol 6 Dungeon Mix (1993)

"During the early 90's, there was an explosion of underground Memphis rap acts. D.j. Sound and his crew was a part of this explosion, however they somehow remained unsigned which at the time, they thought it was unfortunate. (Glad they were undiscovered), in the event of this historical explosion of discoveries in the late 90s. Volume 1 and volume 2 were mixtapes, but volume 3 on up were all original d.j.sound tracks. D.j. Sound became more than a d.j. but a talented beatmaking producer and an executive at a young age. D.j. Sound needed m.c.s to lace or serenade the naughty notes and make some noise. Since Ridgecrest is located on the northside of Memphis,in an area we call "The Bay" was actually Frayser, he cleverly schemed and dreamed up a team of talented hand picked poets. He named this "dreamteam" the FrayserClick..a click of groups and soloist who were able to meet his requirements. D.j.sound released 11volumes in tha MTown dog and it was all over!"