January 26, 2011

Heroin in Tahiti

"Heroin in Tahiti is an up and coming young project from Rome. It features two well-known figures of the gossip and celebrity/music scene of Italy, who for this particular project have chosen to remain anonymous. A well known TV presenter has already tipped the Ep, drawing comparisons to up-there and out-there colossi such as Vangelis and Dick Dale. These banana-republic clad punks are going places, said another important local newspaper, bearing a title which has already defined a genre, this is hot stuff. We salute these swampy upstarts."

(translated from anonymous press release).

Download here


  1. nice stuff...can't figger out why it's 5 bux for 3 songs or a dollar a piece! sfunny

  2. thanks for sharing this is perfect