January 20, 2011

Social Engineering in the 20th Century

'Human Resources' explores the rise of mechanistic philosophy and the exploitation of human beings under modern hierarchical systems.

Topics covered include behaviorism, scientific management, work-place democracy, schooling, frustration-aggression hypothesis, the history of secret programs, medical research and human experimentation made by corporations and government institutions such as the CIA and the military using behaviourism theories, mind control techniques, dumbing down strategies and ideologic propaganda to find ways of controlling people throughout the 20th century.



  1. But to what end? And why care?
    Why let it affect your personal mental well being if you aren't going to make some kind of fundamental decision to actively oppose these 'forces' that are seemingly intent on, well whatever the fuck they're intent on doing.

    Either fight back or just be glad of the fact that you were lucky enough in the genetic-geographical lottery to be born into a relatively comfortable 'first world' society.

    Unless you know for a fact that the (insert shadowy nefarious organisation here) have designs on your individual life out of all the billions they could choose then just get on with living. People do evil and stupid shit, organisations do evil and stupid shit. Go against the grain, let them get on with their evil/stupid dynamic and you get on with your own good/clever dynamic.

  2. I agree and i don't care to wallow in such truths and live my life shitting myself with worry and fear. The simple fact is that it is interesting to watch and that not EVERYONE is aware of such goings on. Why is it that this sort of content rubs people up the wrong way... ive no idea? Any amount of protesting or violent retaliation would be playing into their hands, so... making people aware; to forge their own opinion IS my way of opposing such forces. The question is why do you care to voice your opinion of this to me, what do you gain from this comment and why bother?

    Thanks for caring enough to tell me though (what i already know anyway btw).


  3. Ah, just voicing an anonymous opinion over an open forum, that's what the internet's for right?

    i like your blog a lot (long time listener, first time caller) but i just noticed you seem to have a propensity for what might be called fringe knowledge. And that's fine, your space, your content. Just looking for a bit of debate about stuff i suppose because if your occasional posting like this is to cause less well informed people to question things that they might believe to be true then you have to be prepared to justify it to some extent because people by and large are idiots who will accept the craziest ideas as eminently plausible and then go on to act out patterns of behaviour that they believe are in line with their, possibly faulty, new beliefs.

    So, this is me (a random stranger remember, i don't have a documentary or even an identity to back me up here) voicing an opinion about something they might not agree with because otherwise any form of knowledge has less value if no one is prepared to question its veracity.

    Peas to you too

  4. I'll tell you fucking what, they don't call it fucking 'spelling' for no reason. just done one!

  5. powerfulbacklegsMonday, January 24, 2011

    anon's confused reaction to your post is proof enough that behaviourism lives and breathes today. "Stilesmate -why you posting this what everyone knows about but might be wrong or right but like don't remind us cos your mental wellbeing is summink i worry about mate...etc."
    ""Unless you know for a fact that the (insert shadowy nefarious organisation here) have designs on your individual life out of all the billions they could choose then just get on with living"" it's massmind control. god what a nob what you even saying. doc is sick btw

  6. thank you so much for this post! I love when you put up movies like this one and all the stuff on AIA! i wish you updated that blog more.

  7. hahahah!!..

    i laugh in your cyber face at the fact you believe 'fighting back' is the answer to solving such problems, awareness and contemplation are whats important to changing society.. not force.

    You presume people aren't going to make fundamental decisions after watching the film.. GOOD. I believe that can only be achieved by brainwashing adverts not giving you the time to reflect, shovelling shite down people orifices...

    It appears to me your making an issue out of nothing? surely 'Human Resources' can only be seen as a good thing.

    Using big words to back up a point that doesn't make sense just makes you sound like more of a fool... sorry.

  8. Thank you for this, I am wondering if I have seen this before... maybe on google videos talks about advertising & the close relation to psychology?

    Will watch.