January 06, 2011

Townes Van Zandt demos

In 1972, Townes Van Zandt recorded tracks for an album with a working title of 'Seven Come Eleven', which would remain unreleased for many years due to a dispute between his manager Kevin Eggers and producer Jack Clement. Eggers either could not or refused to pay for the studio sessions, so Clement erased the master tapes. However, before they were deleted, Eggers snuck in to the studio and recorded rough mixes of the songs on to a cassette tape. Tracks from the aborted 'Seven Come Eleven' debacle would later surface on 'The Nashville Sessions'.

1. At My Window
2. Rex's Blues
3. No Place To Fall
4. Buckskin Stallion
5. White Freight Liner
6. The Snake Song
7. Loretta
8. Two Girls
9. The Spider Song
10. When She Don't Need Me
11. Pueblo Waltz
12. Upon My Soul



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  5. are these still available anywhere?