March 10, 2011

Butthole Surfers - BBQ Pope (1982)


  1. I remember once, back when I was a surly 14 year old skater in South London, sitting in my room thinking I was well punk listening to the Locust Abortion Technician really loud. My dad walks in with a sneery look on his face, asks me what I'm listening to — I tell him, trying to make it sound really offensive and nasty, like I'm number one rebel. He just looks condescendingly at me and says "sounds like Captain Beefheart" and walks off. Totally destroyed my illusions, thanks dad!

  2. Oh, The Butthole Surfers (quite fitting for this clip) just starting out in '82 and facing a bit of crowd abuse. At this point they hadn't even released any recordings. That's Gibby Haynes there with nothing on. They were notoriously weird, a couple of years later they acquired a naked dancer called Kathleen. I suppose a seminal influence on "grunge"... there's a good section on them in that book "Our Band Could Be Your Life"


  3. Great video! many thanks

  4. Butthole Surfers = Maximum Joy

    Locust Abortion Technician is great to look at and to listen to. The whole thing is incredible.

    Personally, I always enjoyed when this would appear and mess up the chart show: