March 15, 2011

Dez era Black Flag

I don't listen to much Black Flag these days, lately the 1986 instrumental EP The Process Of Weeding Out has had a few plays and sporadically the '82 Demos but mostly i just refer to this playlist of tracks with Dez Cadena on vocals. A lot of people have their own steadfast opinion on Black Flag as to which releases, line up, vocalists they deem to be the best output; I have my preference with the recordings fronted by Dez who had more of gravelly hardcore delivery that's been imitated by Henry Rollins and influenced many others since. He replaced Chavo for a couple of years in 1980 until his voice gave way leaving Rollins to take over (at which point he switched to guitar).

Nothing special here mind you... no live recordings, just tracks from the Louie Louie 7", Six Pack EP, a couple of compilation tracks and the rest from the 1983 compilation of previously unreleased material Everything Went Black.



  1. This has been settled: Keith > Chavo > Dez > the other guy

  2. Ron Reyes did nothing for me (maybe when i was fifteen?), the Dez Cadena vocal change was more than needed... Chavo wouldn't have suited the more slower dirge style.