June 01, 2011


  1. I dont care what anybody says anymore…Its right infront of our faces people…they are spraying us with something and are not talking about it.

    people who make fun of me for saying this are unable to believe the enormity as to which they are manipulated and controled into thinking that they are free by being given a false sense identity and reality through church and education…now the time is coming when the grid that supports their empire (we call it the western world) is going to fall do to the planetary changes and changes in our minds as a whole.

    they are doing this to either A.
    slow down this proccess of global warming do to the SUN in occordance to their dead line set around 2012..
    all the planets are showing an increase in surface temp.
    what is happening to our planet is a cosmic event….earth quakes in this decade alone has shot up from an average of 4, 5, 6, a year to atleast…ATLEAST 40 a year starting around 2002…only months afters 9 11 ..is when it shot up.

    check the USGS website for a detailed record of annual earthquakes that are above the 3.0 on the R scale…Its real folks…somthing is happening and the ELITE KNOW IT and are in a race to finish what thier ansestors started thousands of years ago.


    B they are making us sick or weakening our immunsystem
    or C… using this stuff as a conductor for some kind of communications TECH.

    hell maybe all 3.

    Its like in the movie The Matrix..when the U.N. scorched the sky as a first step in killing off the massive hoard of robotic slaves who began to rebel against there corrupt masters who were eventually defeated.

    Kinda IRONIC dont you think my friends…being that the Matrix movie mirrors the situation we are in on this planet.

  2. Right on! I wish I wrote that.
    Thanks for using my picture. Just popped into the back garden to have a cig and looked up and saw what you see in the photo.
    Hope you're well by-the-way.

  3. here in richmond, surrey they just totally wanked all over my sky all summer...honestly i've had about 6 days of clear sky all year?
    and i can't believe that people don't see them.
    anything else i can deal with..but no sun?
    i think the purpose is multi layered as well, soon the crops will start failing because the ph of the soil is changing, they are totally controlling the weather to convince us all of global warming, and without sun we all get sick, cancer etc...so a dream come true for the scum elite.