June 05, 2011

The Hired Hand

by Peter Fonda (1971)

After seven years of wandering, of tired days and nights, with the earth for a bed, Collings feels that there is nothing for him but to return home, to his farm, to the wife he left when he was still almost a boy and to the little daughter who thinks he is dead. Reluctantly the wife takes him back, at first as a hired hand who works the land and sleeps in the barn. But in time their desires meet and he becomes a husband again. And it is then that he learns that Harris, his companion of the seven years, is held captive by a man he had wounded and is being slowly tortured to death. So Collings leaves his wife and farm and child and goes off to save his friend and to meet his fate. more

*Film was here to watch but was removed from YouTube*

Bruce Langhorne - The Hired Hand OST (1969)

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