October 22, 2011

BAD (1977)

"New World Pictures picked it up in the States. Fred [Hughes] and I wrote them a letter saying, 'Please cut the one scene where the baby's thrown out the window, it's too graphic, it breaks the black humour.' They didn't cut it out, so the only place you can advertise the film is on the porn page. They spent no money on promotion. It was a disaster. The movie got trashed... Andy never made another movie... Andy probably lost about $400,000... Bad was confiscated in Germany, the first film to be confiscated in years: physically taken out of the theatres because of excessive violence - the scene where the baby is thrown out of the window and the finger that was cut off by a Volkswagen. It was banned in Germany and it was a ciminal case. So we said, Andy's not going to Germany for a couple of months till we figure out if it's OK. Later we cut out certain sections and it was shown but we had lost all momentum." Vincent Fremont

Note: If you've not used Veoh before, download the player... piece of piss



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