March 17, 2013

CxA live Flexidisc 8" (Rebound Records, 1990)...

Their bio:
CITIZENS ARREST was a Hardcore band from New York that existed during the late 80's / early 1990's. The band members all met and grew up in the old NYHC CBGBS scene eventually ending up as a band on the lower east side at Abc No Rio. We played tons of shows, kicked ass, recorded a demo, 7" ep and a full length album. Unfortunately the band split up for good due to musical differences but the legend of CXA remains. Members of Citizens Arrest went on to other bands like Taste of Fear, , One Sided War, Funebrarum, Forced Expression, Hell No, Moses etc.... KEEP HARDCORE PUNK ALIVE!



Also go read an interview with CxA in this zine from 1989, In Memory Of #4


if you fancy it, read this mammoth interview on New York Hardcore 1986-1993 (featuring Daryl Kahan of Citizens Arrest)