February 28, 2010


I was hit with a huge wave of nostalgia recently, after hearing the first track of a Butane mix posted on mnmlssgs. The sound of a ticking clock transported me back 17 years to a bedroom in South London, taping Coldcut's Solid Steel show off Kiss FM, back before they and their label Ninja Tune became a by-word for shit trip-hop for stoned home counties students. With this as my motivation I dug out and digitised this show, guest presented by Dave Cawley of Fat Cat Records — at that time not yet a label, just a lovely little record shop selling electronic music in a Covent Garden basement — where I'd go and spend all my money whilst not finishing projects at college round the corner. Dave worked in the shop along with Alex Knight and Lee Grainge (who collaborated with Hazel Bligh under the name Human, releasing 2 EPs, which I'll post at a later date).

This journey starts in Detroit with Juan Atkins and ends in LA with The Doors, spanning continents and decades between.

Cybotron — Clear — 1983
John Carpenter — Christine — 1984
Kraftwerk — Autobahn — 1974
Ryuichi Sakamoto — Riot In Lagos — 1980
Reload — Le Soliel Et La Mer — 1993
Aphex Twin — Delphium — 1992
Sandoz — Digital Lifeforms — 1993
The Black Dog — Cost II — 1993
Mystic Institute  —  Ob-Selon Mi-Nos (Global Communication Remix) — 1993
Peter Gabriel — The Feeling Begins — 1989
Killing Joke — Change (Youth remix) — 1992
Beaumont Hannant — Tastes And Textures Volume 2 — 1993
Nicky Skopelitis — Tarab — 1993
The Doors — The End — 1967



  1. so great shit!!!
    this high-position TDK tape also reminds me of my 17years old days
    but not only in nostalgic way...
    thanks a lot!

  2. oh yeah -
    pleeeeaze post Human's "Evil Knevil" in full length quite soon.
    eRiC / bErLiN

  3. Shit, I will.I forgot that I'd promised to rip those 2 EP's. Thanks for the kick.