February 23, 2010


Whitehouse specialise primarily in extreme electronic music, a genre they pioneered in 1980, which in the late 80s greatly influenced, if not spawned, a wave of (in particular Japanese) 'noise' groups in addition to many other musicians in different fields. Early trademark sounds were layers of white and pink noise, subsonic bass sounds and ferocious electronic effects, with or without vocals. Since then they have also experimented with analogue and digital synthesis, and more recently, unconventional acoustic rhythmic elements. read more

Right To Kill, Dedicated To Dennis Andrew Nilsen (Come Organisation, 1983)

For more info on Whitehouse and 'Right To Kill' take a look at a good post on Dennis Cooper's blog


  1. Yeah whitehouse are the best of the best IMHO X-D

  2. hey, great blog

    Like you I was into the whole powerviolence thing as it was happening in the early-mid 90s. When the hc scene went retro later I ditched it.

    Noticed you like Blasphemy. I'm from Vancouver and used to see them all the time in the early 90s. My old roomate was in one of the black metal bands you posted. Those Blasphemy guys had a few powerlifting sessions in my basement. Maybe that music is a joke now but let me tell you. Those guys walked the walk man. Some seriously dangerous personalities. No posing there.

  3. Sites looking sick...

  4. neato! do you have Psychopathia Sexualis to post before they start yelling at you?