September 21, 2010

Cani Arrabbiati

Rabid Dogs (1974)

I'm off to Rome for 2 months so it's possible there may be even less posts than of late and if there is some, then it will most definitely be music but until then i'll leave you with this classic Italian B-movie to chew on.

Audi 5000

(oh and thanks Michele)


  1. one of my best buds is living in Rome now, if'n you need someone to show you a good time?

  2. Enjoy the holiday. I'm on an extended sick leave from work. Unfortunately the bastards phone me up to see what i am doing.

  3. Very sinister film, thanks very much! Enjoy Rome

  4. 'ere Stiles. I've just found a wiz at photoshop (meaning better than i by a long shot) whose adding some touches to old posts. I just updated an old post which i felt was incomplete.

    I spat my coffee out when i saw that last picture in my email.