September 18, 2010

"Y-e-t-i... over!!"

The Firm (Alan Clarke, 1988)

Originally made for TV, directed by Alan Clarke and written by Al Ashton. The film is based on the activities of the Inter City Firm, football firm of West Ham United during the 1970's and 1980's although in the film the firm's name is changed slightly to become the Inter City Crew (ICC).



  1. Oh yes, i remember this movie.
    It was broadcasted in the italian television in the early '90s and it was one of my nazi/hooligan brother's favourites.
    He had a vhs of it, and he uses to watch it to foment before bully and beat me.... happy days!

  2. Yes i loved this film as a kid. The first time i saw it i was totally disturbed as the kid that gets his face cut up in Brum was in grange hill re-runs at the time. Plus even more disturbingly it also has Phil off Eastenders with almost a full head of hair and union jack short shorts!

  3. Hold up, hold up, I just saw Jim Mcdonald from Coronation street.

  4. alan clarke is cool. watch "made in britain" as well.

  5. Fookin great.. spotted phil mitchel at the end?

  6. Phil Mitchell Cameo is still funny today!

    you ever seen the Nick Love remake??

    pretty shite tbh