September 10, 2010

Coke Talk

Hurlyburly (1998)

"In the Middle Ages everyone really had to worry about Witches and Goblins, but what we have is stuff eating at us. We've got stuff we don't even... I mean, why do you think that all the warlords of the world are so anxious to get their own personal little stash of chemical weapons. They call them weapons of mass destruction, but they're not. They're very *very* selective about what they destroy. They annihilate people and preserve *things*. They love things. You and I would be dead, gas... puke... gone. Whereas, you know, other earlier older people - the ancients - could look to the heavens, which in their minds was inhabited by this thoughtful, meditative, you know, maybe a trifle unpredictable and wrathful, but nevertheless up there - this divine onlooker. We've got Anchorpersons and Talking Heads. We've got politicians who decide life and death issues on the basis of their media concerns. That's what we've got."

...You know