March 27, 2012


OK I know nothing of this fella, never heard of him, that is until I stumbled across a video whilst perusing a YouTube channel I visit fairly regularly called The Hills of Granada which hosts the amazing John Trubee videos, the D.U.I. VHS clips and other mad shit. So, after gorping at the net for an hour or so I found absolutely nothing on this strange character Mr Smack, well apart this post on Dangerous Minds ...which enlightened me to the man a little, so if you can be arsed go read it.

And the point of all this being? Well, I've shamelessly ripped the tracks from the said YouTuber ...if you FLAC snobs don't mind getting dirty?

Smack Kills 12" EP (1982)
Death or Glory EP (1982)
Death Rocks 7" (1983)


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