March 29, 2012

Metal Messiah (1978)

Billed as the “ultimate space rock spectacle of the 1970’s” The original production first appeared on the Canadian stage in 1975, but was cancelled because of its controversial and shocking subject matter. Producer and author Stephen Zoller, and director Tibor Takacs have since turned the property into an 80-minute feature film.

Throughout the movie, the character of the title haunts the streets of Anywhere City in a trenchcoat and Borsalino hat, as ethereal as his mission — like the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse, the rider of the white horse whose purpose is shrouded in mystery. He embodies innocence and Christ-like victimized purity, yet his presence signals an onslaught of frenzied destruction and mindless depravity.

Time, space and mankind itself are manipulated for their ultimate shock values in Metal Messiah. Indeed, it is a film that consumes itself with a self-directed study of power abuse. Rock and roll and fascism coexist in a lifestyle of sex, violence and dark prophesies. Read more



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