February 29, 2008

Mitch Hedberg - Strategic Grill Locations (1999)...


Mitch Hedberg was a stand-up comedian from Minnesota who died of a heroin and cocaine overdose in 2005 at the age of 37. Click on the link below for more...


February 27, 2008

R. Stevie Moore - Delicate Tension (1978)...

R. Stevie Moore is famous, among the musicians and critics who love his work, for not being famous. A hyperprolific do-it-yourself pioneer, Moore began making solo recordings as a teen in Nashville in the ’60s and has, to date, recorded over 400 albums.


Lamborghini Crystal - Little Deuce Coupe T.V. Dinners (2007)...



February 26, 2008

Jonathan Briley - Darker Profits (1985)...

Triple X or XXX Organisation, changing finally to Inner-X-Musick in 1986, was a small label started in 1979 releasing mostly cassettes with a few 7"s and 12"s (similar to the Broken Flag label started around the same time to release Skullflower and Ramleh). Their roster included Cult Ov The Womb, Noizeclot, Controlled Bleeding, Mahcanik, Bloodclot and numerous compilations (with early appearances by Merzbow) but the majority of releases being Sleep Chamber (Boston) of whom Jonathan Briley was also a member with this being his first solo album. Most of the stuff spat out by these labels is sick; experimental, industrial, dark and disturbing...


Forgotten Woods - As The Wolves Gather (1995)...

"man it's good...completely inept, like they're barely pulling it off, total 13-year-old-metal-kid-in-the-basement drums."
A classic, but a 'damaged' outsider Black Metal classic as far as we're concerned, this is definitely raw and necro and kvlt and grim, buzzing and black, but it also struggles and stumbles, is blown out, lo-fi and weird as fuck. (Aquarius Records)


February 25, 2008

February 24, 2008

v/a Left Back / Let Down (1993)...

Pessimiser Records compilation with Stapled Shut, Crom, Spazz and Despise You.


Crossed Out - 1990-1993 Discography (2000)...

Crossed Out are a melding of raw thrash, pulverizing grind and bone jarring heaviness that lurches back and forth between blazing and plodding in what seemed, at the time it was recorded, like incongruent randomness but is now easily recognizable as the blueprint for power violence.


February 23, 2008

R. Stevie Moore - Whats The Point?!! (1984)...



Angel - Kalmukia (2008)...

Ilpo Vaisanen of Pan Sonic and Dirk Dresselhaus (aka Schneider TM) have recorded as Angel before, exploring the realms of noise and drone with discs on the Bip-Hop and Oral labels, bringing in guest cellist Hildur Guonadottir for the latter. Now they're officially a trio, and offer up a fantastic third album, released on Editions Mego, where this four part, hour long, totally epic album fits in nicely alongside the digitaldoomdrone likes of O'Malley and Rehberg's KTL. (Aquarius Records)


February 22, 2008

Popol Vuh - Nosferatu The Vampyre (1978)...

The dreamy, folk-rock soundtrack from German experimental rock band Popol Vuh to Werner Herzog's atmospheric version of Nosferatu The Vampyre (1979) starring Klaus Kinski as Count Dracula. Nosferatu is the tenth album by Popol Vuh and was released as the original motion picture soundtrack of Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht by director Werner Herzog. It was originally released in 1978.


February 21, 2008

Diebold - Listen To My Heartbeast (2008)...

Previously available on a long since lost, extremely limited cdr back in 2005. Diebold combines a simple, time-tested, user-friendly interface(drums,bass) with years of research into the potentialities of various signal-processing devices to create a stable, accessible system that anyone can understand. Using the popular and well-known concepts of 'riff', 'feedback' and 'distortion', Diebold translates these through it's patented bi-amplification routing architecture, allowing for a powerful and resilient, stereophonic interpretation of basic gestures.


February 20, 2008

Unicorn - Playing With Light (2005)...

Unicorn is the brainchild of W.T. Nelson, a longtime member of Bastard Noise and Sleestak . Here, he serves up seven tracks of grey clouds and soft light, where melodic lines skate across a surface of disturbing drones and scathing noise. Brilliantly beautiful, falling somewhere between the Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do material from Sigur Rós, the ghostly guitar based drone music of Troum, and the more musical moments of Nelson's work in Bastard Noise. Dreamy, ethereal piano, deep bass drones and minimal synth burn, buried noise carnage barely audible beneath a blanket of sunlit tones.


February 11, 2008

Black Army Jacket - The Path Of Two Swords As One 7" (1997)...


v/a Fiesta Comes Alive! Slap A Ham Records (1994)...

(tracklist in comments)


Lack Of Interest - Trapped Inside...

Lack Of Interest = West Coast Power Violence


Noothgrush - Failing Early, Failing Often (2001)...

Super good, hella heavy S.F. sludge in the style of early Corrupted. Meat only, no cheese or lettuce or anything, thank you very much!


February 08, 2008

Robbie Basho - Zarthus (1974)...

Finger-pickin' good ethno-folk guitar from acoustic guitar shaman and weirdo, pal of Fahey...Mr Rob Basho. Space cake.


Angel Hair - Pregnant with the Senior Class (1997)...

from Boulder, Colorado. pre-VSS.

Gravity Records.

(complete discography)


The Aluminum Fowl (2006) - James Clauer...

produced by O' Salvation (Harmony Korine and Agnes B),

808 hi-hats, rooster, barn fighting

February 04, 2008

German Oak s/t (1972)...

In the strange Olympic summer of 1972, the Dusseldorf instrumental group German Oak entered the Luftschutzbunker, or Air Raid Shelter, in order to record their eponymous first LP. Following in the footsteps of the percussive and organic Organisation and the remarkable Dom, German Oak had every reason to believe that this 3rd LP to be recorded by a Dusseldorf band would be warmly received. Unfortunately, German Oak were not only wrong in their assumptions that locals would embrace their music, but even local record shops rejected all the group's attempts to sell the albums in city outlets. Such was their lack of success that 202 of the original 213 copies were stored in the basement of the group's organist until the mid-1980s, when a thirst for undiscovered Krautrock finally brought German Oak back from the dead. ...READ ON