April 10, 2009

80 Blocks From Tiffany's (1979)...

Like 'The Warriors' but real

April 07, 2009

SIEGE - Drop Dead...

Highly influential Boston Hardcore recorded in 1984, the first 6 tracks were the original demo and the final 3 were first heard on 'Cleanse The Bacteria' comp in 1985 put together and released by Pushead (Zorlac illustrator seen in many a Thrasher mag), this is also the entire discography apart from a couple of live bootlegs as they split in '85. Unorthodox in comparison to other more traditional bands in the Boston Straight-edge scene they performed their shows further afield to more appreciative crowds. Sheer ferocity, speed and jarring tempo-changes made them forerunners (along with Deep Wound) to become the first band to pioneer the traits of Grindcore and Powerviolence, perhaps only matched in might by Infest?

1. Drop Dead
2. Conform
3. Life of Hate
4. Starvation
5. Armageddon
6. Walls
7. Sad But True
8. Cold War
9. Grim Reaper