September 22, 2011


Ursula and Sabina Eriksson, born 1967, are a pair of Swedish twins who came to national attention in the United Kingdom in 2008 after an apparent episode of folie à deux which resulted in unique footage of insanity on the M6 motorway and the killing of Glenn Hollinshead. No drugs or alcohol were involved in any of the incidents. Their actions have never been explained, other than by a rare, induced delusional disorder which caused the pair to be temporarily insane.

The twins met in Ireland before travelling to England. After their odd behaviour caused them to be left at an M6 service station, they ran on to the motorway numerous times and were struck by oncoming vehicles, causing Ursula to be incapacitated. Sabina refused medical aid and attacked a police officer, at which point she was arrested. After being released by police in Stoke-on-Trent, Sabina then was taken in by a local resident whom she later killed in an unprovoked attack. She was arrested after jumping off a bridge into a busy road and later pleaded guilty to manslaughter with diminished responsibility. She was sentenced to five years imprisonment and is scheduled for release in mid-2011.


September 21, 2011


Final Fall Of The Gods 7" (Rigid, 1990)

Mexican death/grind


Rock My Religion (Dan Graham, 1982)

Rock My Religion is a thesis on the relation between religion and rock music in contemporary culture. Graham formulates a history that begins with the Shakers, an early religious community who practiced self-denial and ecstatic trance dances. With the "reeling and rocking" of religious revivals as his point of departure, Graham analyzes the emergence of rock music as religion with the teenage consumer in the isolated suburban milieu of the 1950s, locating rock's sexual and ideological context in post-World War II America. The music and philosophies of Patti Smith, who made explicit the trope that rock is religion, are his focus. This complex collage of text, film footage and performance forms a compelling theoretical essay on the ideological codes and historical contexts that inform the cultural phenomenon of rock `n' roll music.

September 20, 2011





September 16, 2011

Lord Finesse VS Percee P (1989)

"Come on... your man can't be helpin' you remember now?"

September 14, 2011

Into The Void Chapter VII

Pre-metal heavy music dug from all corners of blogger and Ebay so you don't have to...


Into The Void

September 12, 2011

The Sun Shines Every Day

Funny how quickly news becomes unsellable. The Fukushima earthquake/tsunami and nuclear plant meltdown of March this year has been largely forgotten by newspapers now that the most gripping photographs have already been shot and published, yet the clean-up has barely begun - the most active decontamination attempts are by volunteers sick of waiting for the government's reaction. Read more here.

If you're in London and if buying a plane ticket and a hi-vis vest is out of the question, feel free to attend J'HAPPENING and put your beer coins to a good cause, and possibly come away with a nice poster/record/story.

September 11, 2011


Conrad Schnitzler videos

Krautrock: The Rebirth of Germany

Rorschach - Close Your Eyes And See Death

Nasty New Jersey Hardcore. 

Recorded live at the Centro Popolare Autogestito in Firenze (Italy), on 18th June 1992


via Church of Zer


via Adam Curtis' blog:

I want to put up a wonderful and odd film I have found in the BBC archives. It is a documentary made in 1969 in response to a growing panic about violent teenage gangs in England and it focusses on the Hells Angels and Skinheads.
The filmmakers went off to get in with a group of Hells Angels and with a gang of skinheads. Their aim was to find out who the scary psychopaths were that made up the gangs that were threatening society. But what they came back with is a weird and brilliant mini-drama about two groups of individuals who are not that different from us - but more bored...

September 07, 2011

Some M+M's

A few old cuts of minimal Chicago house from 1987/88 by Marcus Mixx

I Wanna House (I Wanna Track Mix)
Tits, Ass & Pussy
Without Makeup (Ron Hardy Mix)
The Spell (Ron Hardy Mix)


New 12"