October 25, 2008

DJ Screw (Mix) - Street Military (Beatbox/Beltway 8, 2007)...

Double disc Compilation of Street Military(Houston, TX) tracks originally mixed by DJ Screw (R.I.P.).


October 22, 2008

DEATH - Reign Of Terror Demo, fan-club version (1984)...

1984 was a major year for metal. Venom had exploded onto the scene in 1981-82 and were the gold standard for brutality in metal, Hellhammer had their demos going in the underground and were quickly making Venom sound dated, thrash was all the rage, and Death’s competitors for the death metal throne, Possessed, were getting their shit together with a demo of their own. Chuck was quite the listener, it seems, for Reign of Terror, unleashed into the maelstrom of extreme metal that existed in 1984, took the best parts of the aforementioned entities and put them together into a vicious blend. Reign of Terror is more death/thrash than pure death metal, unless of course you’re one of those virgin death metal fans who think that the growls define the music. The riffs are the dead giveaway – brutal tremolo-picked monstrosities played at a speed not even Possessed dared to go.

2.Summoned to Die
3.Zombie Attack/Instrumental (fan-club bonus track)
4.Witch of Hell
5.Reign of Terror


October 21, 2008

Far East Family Band - Parallel World (Columbia/Mu Land, 1976)...

This righteous kosmische union of Japanese commune band and legendary Krautrock producer Klaus Schultze yielded two sides of extraordinary meditative space rock, setting it apart from almost all other Japrock. Only Speed, Glue and Shinki's long Moog suite and M. Satoh's Yamatai-Fu approach this unworldly beast... The l.p. sees the producer arrange the twin synthesisers of Akira Ito and Kitaro around Shizu Takahashi's drums, pushing guitars, bass and voices to the horizon. Like the so-called Celtic languages, Japanese often cloaks its meanings in ambiguity and none more so than in this work. Acting as a smokescreen for two seamless 30 minute sides of music, the many titles contain multiple meanings and intentional ambiguities to further mystify... By journey's end, so-called reality appears somewhat raw to the cushioned and cocooned listener. (Japrocksampler)


October 20, 2008

DEATH (Mantas) - Death By Metal demo (1984)...

The first official DEATH recording emerges in the underground: the rehearsal tape "Death By Metal", which is recorded in the garage of Chuck's mom on Rick's Panasonic tape recorder. Chuck is 17. Mantas splits up briefly. Chuck plans a new band, simply called DEATH. After a couple of weeks of searching, Chuck finds he must resort once again to working with Rick Rozz and Kam Lee. Death By Metal is given a new tape cover when the band name changes.

Chuck Schuldiner-guitar
Barney 'Kam' Lee-drums/vocals
Rick Rozz (Frederick DeLilo)-guitar


Divina Inferis - Triumph Of The Possessed, demo tape (Ahdistuksen Aihio, 2005)...

Intense,hateful Black Metal from this Finnish duo... Satanic and depressive with rad baby-chewing vocals. Utter filth.

1.Horns Insist Victims (13:54)
2.More Souls for His Victory (09:46)
3.The Purple Throne (08:59)


Sabbat - Black Up Your Soul (Evil Records, 1994)...

Chaotic Black/Thrash Metal from Japan, formed in 1984 changing their name from Evil to Sabbat. The first 11 songs were exclusive new recordings while the 5 last ones are taken from 'Evoke', 'Envenom' and 'Disembody' CDs. Released simultaneously with two differently coloured covers. 500 copies made of both versions.


October 15, 2008

v/a Stonehenge Records Compilation (1993-2005)...

So... the other night i had a nerd-out and downloaded the all the media mp3s from the French D.I.Y. Screamo label Stonehenge (seeing as there was so much decent stuff on there), then laboriously edited them into this 31 track compilation. Not all of the mp3's available are here because some of them just plain bored me at the time and i just could'nt hack another super long playlist. If because of this you feel 'hard done by' then feel free to get in touch and we could arrange a meeting where you can suck down deep on my thin, pointy, cock until the back of your throat bleeds...

Ivich - Volcan, Split 7" w/ E-150
Aside - Education, "Autonomie, Vol. 2" comp. 7"
Grievance - Costretti, Split 7" w/ Soar
Jasemine - Héritage (Demo Version)
To What End? - Empires Fall, The Purpose Beyond LP
Anomie - Soumission, split EP w/ Peu Etre
Season - Witness, s/t 7"
Headway - Tainted Apple Of The Liberal O, "Autonomie, Vol. 1" comp. 7"
Ultimate Disorder - Nihilisme "Reconstruction" comp. LP
Uranus - Face Value, To This Bearer Of Truth CD
Ultimate Disorder - Errance, "Reconstruction" comp. LP
Fuaim Catha - Le Sourire, s/t
Born Dead Icons - Medium, New Scream Industry 10"
Season - Condamné, unreleased
Jasemine - Silence, demo
Amanda Woodward - Trop De Gens Qu'On Mal A Mon C, s/t picture disc 10"
Inertie - ContrÙle (2)
Opstand - Music Industry, split w/ Seein' Red
Ballast - The Stand-Off, s/t 7"EP
Seein' Red - Repeat, Split 7" w/ Opstand
Alcatraz - Bounty Vs. Potemkine, Ni Dieu, Ni Maitre...
Born Dead Icons - Lens Vision, New Scream Industry 10"
Coche Bomba - Schéma Rétréci, "Autonomie, Vol. 1" comp. 7"
Co-Exist - Héros A Tort, "Reconstruction" comp. LP
Daymare - A Quoi Tu Penses?, s/t 7"
Ekkaia - Buscando Respuestas Con Pregun, Ya Hemos Aguantado... EP
Finger Print - In Words, s/t 2nd 7"
Season - Blindness, s/t 7"
Jasemine - Héritage, Split EP w/ Elements Of Need
Inertie - Mort En Spectacle
Rachel - Ma Nature Tome 2, Last Songs EP


October 13, 2008

Ballast - Demo Cassette(2003)...

Rip-roarin' female fronted melodic Anarcho/Crust from Montreal, Québec. Formed in 2001, then quit playing in 2006 and now go under the name of Preying Hands. This demo features tracks from the Numb Again e.p.(2004), Ballast s/t(2004),"The Stand Off" 7"(2005) and the Sound Asleep l.p.(2005)

(2 female and 3 male, from various places around north america: british colombia, québec, ontario, and mississippi.) we are, as a band and as people, anti-racist, queer- friendly, and anti- sexist. we try to address issues that affect both us specifically and humanity in general, ranging from topics more overtly political (north american native struggles, resistance to bush's "war on terror" abroad and the state repression that has come along with it here in north america, the beauty industry and its destructive affect on the lives on women) to the more personal (frustration with having to live under the shadow of exploitative capitalism and dealing with bosses and landlords.(Ballast)


October 10, 2008

v/a No Fate IV - World Hardcore Compilation (H.G. Fact, 1998)...

80 tracks on a 2xCD compilation from the Corrupted label out of Osaka, Japan. Tracklist 'here'


October 08, 2008

Pink Floyd - Meddle (MFSL UDCD, 1989/Harvest,1971)...

The album most Floyd fans think to be the first great album since Syd Barrett was kicked out for being an acid casualty and the band 'finding their sound' also the first recorded appearance of David Gilmour on vocals.
Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (MFSL) was formed in 1977, they mastered recordings onto vinyl, cassettes, and compact discs from original master tapes to produce the highest quality releases. They specialized in half-speed master lacquer cutting, quality plating from overseas, imported pressings from Japan, special high-definition vinyl, and static-free inner sleeves. Although the company produced some of the finest audio releases in the world, cost considerations forced the company to cease operations on November 19, 1999.


October 01, 2008

Shark Move - Chede Chokra's Shark Move (Shadoks, 1970)...

(Epicly melodramatic and morosely weird fuzzed out psych, morose like the track at the end of the 80's tv series 'Monkey')

Another heavy title from Shadoks that restores an obscure 1970 psych monster from Indonesia. Shark Move have that classic slow sunrise sound of countless South American titans mixed with the kind of sunburst vocal style that floats the best of the UK freakbeat sides (Jason Crest et al), crunching fuzz, heavy keyboards and kaleidoscopic song stylings. This is ambitious, florid psych that should please anyone who digs the more dramatic UK sugarcube moments as much as the more enjoyably complex Euro prog shit. And if that ain't you, who the fuck is it? - Volcanic Tongue


v/a Safe Travel With Phil Pratt & Friends 1966-1968 (Pressure Sounds, 2005)...

There are no need for emergency exits on this train of true true Rocksteady gems, because, frankly, who the hell would want to get of this train! Absolutely essential, it doesn't matter if you've never heard Rocksteady, or are a devotee of Lady Saw, there is absolutely no way, no excuse, no reason on earth why this cd shouldn't be in your collection. It's not just that there are tunes here the 'Cognacenti' will have searched high and low for... for ever, it's not just the good quality mastering of the tunes, nor the packaging & sleeve notes, or the general excellent job we can always expect from PS, but that songs of this quality would shine if they were covered in 50 tonnes of shite...! Top tune for me on the set is... Alva 'Reggie' Lewis's 'Suicide ( Hang My Head And Cry)' - but they're all killer... all the way - Mike Murphy