October 21, 2008

Far East Family Band - Parallel World (Columbia/Mu Land, 1976)...

This righteous kosmische union of Japanese commune band and legendary Krautrock producer Klaus Schultze yielded two sides of extraordinary meditative space rock, setting it apart from almost all other Japrock. Only Speed, Glue and Shinki's long Moog suite and M. Satoh's Yamatai-Fu approach this unworldly beast... The l.p. sees the producer arrange the twin synthesisers of Akira Ito and Kitaro around Shizu Takahashi's drums, pushing guitars, bass and voices to the horizon. Like the so-called Celtic languages, Japanese often cloaks its meanings in ambiguity and none more so than in this work. Acting as a smokescreen for two seamless 30 minute sides of music, the many titles contain multiple meanings and intentional ambiguities to further mystify... By journey's end, so-called reality appears somewhat raw to the cushioned and cocooned listener. (Japrocksampler)