May 29, 2009

Ye ken?...

Hard as nails Glaswegian 'Poowah Vialance, och, hoo ghivs a shi-ite ma-an!'
Too good not to post.


May 28, 2009

Spyed some tapes...

Disattack - A Bomb Drops... demo (1986)

Electro Hippies - Killing Babies Is Tight demo (1986)

Carcass - Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment demo (1987)

Malicious Grind demo '87

Totenkopf - Fuck With Noise demo (1991)


May 24, 2009


Daniele Baldelli & TBC - Cosmic Club 1980 mixtape (C60)...


Daniele Baldelli - Cosmic: The Original (mix)...


May 23, 2009


French Cosmic-Disco synthathon composed by Roger Davy

Moonbirds - Energy-MC1 (Disques Ibach, 1978)...


May 20, 2009


#2 (DEEP SIX, 1997)...



: Anthology (Vermiform, 1998)...

All of Towel's songs are included on this disc, all 1,027 copies of which were badly hand-screened by Neil Burke in one drunken overnight session. This skimpy, shitty digipack is a fitting headstone for such a great and misunderstood band; if their own record label couldn't muster even the minimum of respectful packaging, how could TOWEL have expected anyone else to respect them?


May 18, 2009

read, learn, kill...

Traditional, straight forward Black Metal from Canada. drugged up, thrashy and caustic. line ups containing members of Axis of Advance, Ouroboros, Vehement, Revenge.

WEAPON: Violated Hejab EP (Legion Of Death, 2005)

WEAPON: Para Bhakti... Salvation EP (Full Moon, 2007)


upcoming long player : "Drakonian Paradigm" released soon by The Ajna Offensive label

May 10, 2009

grind to a halt...

Noise Grind Power Death (625 Thrashcore, 2009)

"Blistering, primal noise/grind done by the now defunct Gulf-Coast grind-unit. Raw and punishing, how grindcore is supposed to be. Glossy metal magazines will be confused, posers decimated, and the last-will and testament of this band will live-on in infamy."

(single sided LP, 53 untitled tracks; vocals, drums and effects only)


625 Thrashcore

May 08, 2009


Dracula Lewis "Vernasca, Valhalla" C30 (Hundebiss, 2008)

"Dracula Lewis is one of the most well hidden deep dark secret from eastern-Europe, based in Romania he spent long time traveling all over the world. Vernasca, Valhalla is the first official release and Hundebiss Records is proud to present this four tracks done with a broken mixer and two open-mic. The result is a deep listening, lo-fi aggressive electronics with weird field recordings but also a spacey melodic sweet sound who came up from this maelström."

"Everything done with a broken mixer, open mic and some effects, no loops, computers or synth were used in this session." (Hundebiss)

Nice outer space-psych-horror electronics, mostly feedback based with some wolfman-vampire cameos here and there. Really good stuff. Tape is now sold out.

Side A - 35 oct. 1916, A Letter From Transylvania
Side B - Il Mattino ha Loro In Bocca, The Magic Feature Number Twelve




May 02, 2009

GASP - Drome Triler Of Puzzle Zoo People (Slap A Ham, 1998)...

Gasp used elements of grindcore, power violence, psych, ambient noise, tape manipulations and down-tuned sludge to create a sound that will never be duplicated. They released records on some of the most influential punk and hardcore labels of the past decade, including Slap a Ham, Witching Hour, Clean Plate, and Deep Six.


interview with Reggie Rosales (vocals)