March 29, 2010

Naked Whipper

pure fucking death metal. from Germany.

Painstreaks (MMI, 1995)


Bonny Billy and Marquis De Tren featuring the Monkey Boys / 2001

Will Oldham, Paul Oldham, Mick Turner and Jim White. Tour only CD, 500 pressed.
As good as it sounds. Meandering and fragile melodies from 66.66% of the Dirty Three, with Oldham's plaintive lyrics adapted from Rabindranath Tagore’s book of devotional poetry, Gitanjal.
Beautiful late night melancholy to sweep you into a trance like state.


March 28, 2010

Ah Ya Zen

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Albeit written in 1994 and published not until 1996, hence quite outdated nowadays, this book still remains an all-time classic. Varg Vikernes deals with the history and destiny of his native homeland - Norway - and appeals to his kinsmen to abandon the materialistic and antihuman "modernism" in favor of the ancient and heathen beliefs of their elders.

This work outlines the philosophical and ideological ideas of an angry and very upset young man - Varg - as they were back in 1994. Even though it's outdated - and not really representative for Varg's ideas as they appear today - it's still very worthwhile, interesting and thought provoking reading.

Varg Vikernes comments on the book


March 24, 2010

B.O.B. - Chapter Three


Hundebiss Records

More Doc Dart

proper love songs

Patricia (Alternative Tentacles, 1990)

Black Tuesday Tape (self-released, 1991)



March 20, 2010



Nosferatu Man
Nan Ding
Breadcrumb Trail
Good Morning Captain
Cortez the Killer (!)

March 19, 2010


If the first mix I posted here was called Winter, I suppose this one's got to be Spring.

Starts incongruously with bare boned drums and voice, gets a bit woozy, then enters raw jacking territory, before descending into grindy and sleazy cross-dancefloor sexual come-ons.

Scout Niblett — Dare!
Prosumer & Murat Tepeli — Devotion
Digitaline — Altra
DJ Minx — A Walk In The Park (Villalobos 'Till Thursday' Remix)
Hauntologists — EP 2 B1
Horizontal Ground — All The Way Back
Cassy — Somelightuntothenight
EQD — Equalized 001/B
A Made Up Sound — On And On
Basic Channel — Phylyps Trak II/II
Mike Dunn — Let It be House
Horizontal Ground — 001/B
STL — Do The Undo
Aaron Carl — Down
!!! — Shitscheissemerde (Part 2)


Alex Baby mixtape / 1995?

Another cherished old mix tape, dug out and digitised. This one is from Alex Baby, one time member of 23 Skidoo and then of Ronin Records, a London hip hop label. He DJed a lot in the 90s, with a residency at Rotation, but I can't find any information on what he's up to now. I think this tape was something to do with either the International Stüssy Tribe or the High Power parties that Michael Koppelman and Fraser Cooke used to put on intermittently, but I can't remember, it was ages ago.

This is a wonderful hour and a half, from the mid 90s golden era of Sean "Puffy" Combes, DJ Premier, the first wave of Wu Tang albums, The Nod Factor and Mary J. There's plenty of R'n'B to get the girls on the dance floor, but tempered with loads of good hip hop to keep the boys that don't dance happy. To ice the cake, it includes the Bad Boy mix of Mariah Carey's Sweet Fantasy, which is one of the most sublime pieces of music ever recorded.


March 18, 2010

Pom Pom - CD 001 (2008)

"The shadowy Pom Pom have been beavering away in obscurity since 2001, releasing untitled tracks in text-free, "none-blacker" vinyl-only editions, no information available aside from gushing blurbs on the Kompakt website "Totally exciting new techno from Berlin. Drexciya-inspired genius druggy stuff!". In a culture currently collapsing from promotion-overload, this information-void is particularly appealing. And Pom Pom's clunky brand of techno only adds to the charm—brazenly hand-crafted, functional, but with little interest in fads or genre conventions, this is weird stuff. It sounds like the product of Berghain mated with Profan: dark, reverb-dunked rhythms lost in pools of tape hiss, divergent patterns causing further confusion, crudely sampled patches of static. Pom Pom is Marcel Dettmann meets Marcel Marceau; punishing, but with tongue-in-cheek and a playful glint in its eye. If T. Raumschmiere is techno's punk-rock, then Pom Pom is its NoWave." Resident Advisor

March 16, 2010

Euronymous's Epistles

Cripple Bastards Demotapes

Here's the first disc of the 'Age of Vandalism (1987-1993)' 4xCD boxset

1. 64 song Demo 1991
2. "Standing violent" 41 song Demo 1991
3. 30 song Demo 1992
4. 2 unrealeased tracks from the same session
5. 11 song Demo, Sept. 1992
6. 94 song Demo, Nov. 1992
7. 15 song Demo 1989
8. 44 song split EP with Violent Headache
9. 14 unreleased tracks/outtakes from the same session
10. 44 song live in Pula (Croatia) "Povijesni muzej Istre" 6/08/1992



March 12, 2010


Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh

Porn of the Dead/Hate/Lunatic Improvised Rehearsal (Infernal Commando, 2008)

French, noise drenched, Raw Black Metal that most of you will hate...



March 07, 2010


From the heart of the Ross Bay cemetery, our beloved desecrators put out an album that has become the MOST IMPORTANT landmark in the history of underground metal. "Fallen Angel of Doom" is Canadian Blasphemy's debut LP but it already sets them up on a level that is defined as PURE CULT. Probably those newbies nowadays will never understand (ahahaa, go on worship your crappy little Graveland-clones!!) but this is the VERY ALBUM that educates the entire metal underground, be it death, black, grind or crust. In those times like '89/'90 where the underground scene (and its various crossovers department) are rich and abundant, this album brings the band up high to the throne of legends. Even Trey Azagthoth from Morbid Angel was a fan of this unholy masterpiece. So what's the catch here? Gerry and company introduced an extreme direction to underground metal that transcends far beyond the boundaries of the norm, by pushing brutality far up to the apex that transforms into PURE PERVERSITY (which is probably also a reflection to their human trash nature). The morbid satanic obsessions and the SICK warmachine conjured up from the EXTREMELY BRUTAL desecration of metal music made this one so special. A far cry from their more primitive (but equally enjoyable) nature of their '89 demo days, this unit have improved thrice-fold as proficient musicians. The tons of technical details are thrown in the most chaotic and savage ways possible, with the drummings powered up by a nuclear-like intensity and speed, while the lead guitar works are the perfect symphonies of insane virtuosos. But the most prominent identity of this band is the sick vomits here, which throws up unintelligible messes all over the face of holiness. anus

Fallen Angel Of Doom (1990)

Blood Upon The Alter (earlier)

March 06, 2010

Songs: Ohia / Travels In Constants / 2001


Peak period Jason Molina, exorcising his demons through typical images of moons, winged apparitions, sickles and blackness over 18 skeletal minutes. There's a ghostly echo of the vocals at the 7 minute mark, as if Molina is singing a duet with one of his lost souls, trapped somewhere out in the wilderness.

Travels In Constants was a subscription only series of 22 EPs by various artists, released by Brooklyn label Temporary Residence between 1999 and 2007.


March 05, 2010

Eastern promise

Terry Riley: Shri Camel (CBS, 1978)

multi-layered keyboard patterns to make the mind work


Jiří Barta

Jiří Barta is a Czech stop-motion animation director. His films, many of which used the medium of wood for animation, garnered critical acclaim and won many awards, but after the fall of the communist government in Czechoslovakia he was unable to release anything for about 15 years.

A Ballad About Green Wood
11 minutes, color, 1983

The Club of the Laid Off
25 minutes, color, 1989

The Design
6 minutes, color, , 1981

Disc Jockey
10 minutes, color, 1980

The Last Theft
21 minutes, color, 1987

The Pied Piper of Hamelin
55 minutes, color, 1985

Riddles For a Candy
8 minutes, color, 1978

The Vanished World of Gloves

16 minutes, color, 1982

March 03, 2010


A mix of pitched down glacial pulsations.

Radiance — II (edit)
Nike.Bordom — Ahacid
Tin Man — ? (edited from Wasteland)
Marcel Dettman — Helix
Jetone — Phaedra
Circlesquare — Seven Minutes
Seefeel — Plainsong (Sine Bubble Embossed Dub)
Donato Dozzy — Fullonica De Stephanus
Disco Nihilist — B1
Prosumer — Solid Mind


March 01, 2010

B.O.B. - Chapter One

First trailer for Invernomuto's exhibition B.O.B.
Galleria Patricia Armocida, Milano
Opening 8 April 2010

Storyteller: John Duncan


Hundebiss Records