July 13, 2013

California Roll

the uploader's comments:

Here's a little (now) historical gem I've been carrying around on VHS for 18 years. After rediscovering it in a long lost box, I've digitized it so the whole world can enjoy.

Originally broadcast on public cable access, I caught part of the show late one night in June 1995 and was inspired enough by what I saw to email the station requesting a rebroadcast. This recording was a result of that email -- my own personal rebroadcast and instructions per the station to "set your VCR."

California Roll
Fresh Stand-Up Comedy at Maplewood Community Center
June 15, 1995

Mitch Hedberg
Brian Malow
Chard Hogan
Doug Stanhope

The audible buzzing during parts of Mitch Hedberg's set is an artifact of the old VHS tape. It only happens on certain camera angles where his shirt creates a moiré effect. Thankfully, most of the show doesn't have this audio glitch.


Mitch Hedberg's movie - Los Enchiladas! [wiki]