October 31, 2011


This was a fun video to make. Shot with Hi-8, Super 8 and Pixelvision.

Filmed by Tobin Yelland. Edited by Julien Stranger

Released in 1997 by Deluxe dlxsf.com/

October 30, 2011


"It’s the early ‘80s, and Thierry Müller, a graphic artist and krautrock fan from Paris, has decided to put his experimental rock group Ilitch on hold and make something, as he puts it, “that people could dance to”. The result is Ruth, a conceptual project that exists for just one album, 1985’s Polaroïd/Roman/Photo. Seven tracks long, it is a remarkable piece of experimental but danceable new-wave, and nowhere more remarkable than the title track – an icy-cold cut of flickering synthesiser, taut guitar and jagged saxophone featuring disconsolate boy-girl vocals and the mechanical click-spool sound of a Polaroid camera."
"Polaroïd/Roman/Photo is not a success. History has it that the record sells in the region of 50 copies, and before long, Müller’s interest has strayed elsewhere – his next project, recorded 1985, is an EP called Pile ou Face, recorded under the name Crash in homage to the JG Ballard novel of the same name."
Minimal Wave

Polaroïd/Roman/Photo LP

October 29, 2011


"There are two kinds of sludge metal. There’s the one that evokes a certain Southern charm with its whiskey sippin,’ thunderclouds-a-gathering, sweaty clubs and down-home big fat riffs. And then there’s the other type—the obnoxious one. The one that conjures up images of broken glass, rubbish-strewn wastelands, dirty needles, infected leg sores, rotting teeth and very unhealthy co-dependent relationships. Meth Drinker plays the latter kind. Real well"... more

Meth Drinker s/t (2011)



Triple Six Mafia - Smoked Out, Loced Out (1994)


Juicy J - Volume 9mm It's On (1995)


Lord Infamous - Lord Of Terror (1994)
DJ Paul - Greatest Hits Part One (1994)

October 22, 2011



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Crass: Mick Duffield’s Christ: The Movie is a collection of short experimental films created by Mick Duffield, a member of the Crass collective, which were designed to be shown on-stage during Crass’ live performances. The films are accompanied by music the group recorded for their album Yes Sir, I Will, a 1983 polemic on the ideas and realities behind the War in the Falklands.

or here (1 hour 21 minutes)


BAD (1977)

"New World Pictures picked it up in the States. Fred [Hughes] and I wrote them a letter saying, 'Please cut the one scene where the baby's thrown out the window, it's too graphic, it breaks the black humour.' They didn't cut it out, so the only place you can advertise the film is on the porn page. They spent no money on promotion. It was a disaster. The movie got trashed... Andy never made another movie... Andy probably lost about $400,000... Bad was confiscated in Germany, the first film to be confiscated in years: physically taken out of the theatres because of excessive violence - the scene where the baby is thrown out of the window and the finger that was cut off by a Volkswagen. It was banned in Germany and it was a ciminal case. So we said, Andy's not going to Germany for a couple of months till we figure out if it's OK. Later we cut out certain sections and it was shown but we had lost all momentum." Vincent Fremont

Note: If you've not used Veoh before, download the player... piece of piss



October 19, 2011

October 18, 2011


Unreleased documentary (1994)

'Perverted By Language' promotional video by Ikon (52 mins, 1983) or here

October 14, 2011

October 13, 2011

Leron Carson

"A few Highlights from the sessions Leron recorded in 1987-88 when he was fifteen or so. China Trax, featured on SS012, came from these sessions. These were hand made, meaning no sequencing was used for the keys on any of the songs featured, instead using cassette tape overdubs, a lost science. I had Omar-S touch up the material from those cassettes for this release on vinyl." Theo Parrish

Leron Carson - Red Lightbulb Theory '87-'88 (Sound Signature, 2009)

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October 11, 2011


2 live radio shows from 1996 (KZSU, Stanford) and 1999 (KFJC, Los Altos Hills). SLO-MOFO...

LIVE FOR NOTHING (Southern Lord, 2011)

Oil Removed video

October 10, 2011


'A Multichannel Demonstrational Film' by Stereo Skateboards - 1996


Into The Void this Sunday featuring THRONE...

October 07, 2011


Jon Rafman

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Martin Bladh

"While I was working on the Swedish translation of Peter's excellent book Selfish Little: The Annotated Lesley Ann Downey, i found that i couldn't get enough of this unsafe, highly personal world, and got the ugly idea to make my own piece based upon it. Since i love the Buyer's Market material i asked Peter for the permission to do a recording centered on his private universe. He agreed and sent me a load of sound- and video clips, which he'd collected and put into context. I guess it's fair to call this album a conceptual piece, but i want to point out that it is foremost my own personal take on peter's work and he should not be held responsible for anything i've done. Big thanks to Peter who made this recording possible. " Martin Bladh, Norrköping, June 2008.



And for those interested... interview with Peter Sotos