June 30, 2011


The latest chapter of Into The Void's compilations. A well-informed selection of raw, early doom compiled by Olly Pearson of Moss, it makes sense of why people used to define Candlemass and other proto-doom bands as 'slowed down thrash metal.'


June 27, 2011

They Live (1988)

Jesus turn the subtitles off here you idiot!

"They Live is a 1988 science fiction/horror film directed by John Carpenter, who also wrote the screenplay under the pseudonym Frank Armitage. The film is based on Ray Nelson's 1963 short story "Eight O'Clock in the Morning".

Part science fiction horror and part dark comedy, the film echoed contemporary fears of a declining economy, within a culture of greed and conspicuous consumption common among Americans in the 1980s. In They Live, the ruling class within the moneyed elite are in fact aliens managing human social affairs through the use of a signal on top of the TV broadcast that is concealing their appearance and subliminal messages in mass media."

Starring "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. True fans of old school WWF will enjoy the fight choreography.


Placebo Underground Music Hallucination 2 - The Touring Bands

"Old school hardcore punk video that came out in 1984(?)showcasing bands that were playing Phoenix, AZ while on tour. This was put out by Placebo Products, who also made skateboards and records (JFA's label). Features very rare and obscure footage of Butthole Surfers, DOA, TSOL, Tales Of Terror, The Faction, Agent Orange, Raw Power, 45 Grave, JFA, Corrosion Of Conformity (who look real young on this tape)."



June 22, 2011

LOL's Will Tear Us Apart (2011)

"I suppose a man's actions are the creatures of his thought, and his thoughts are naturally the products of his environment and the conditions under which he is forced to live."


>>Note from Neko: For an "optimal" viewing "experience," please use HEADPHONES. K? thx, bai!

June 20, 2011

Nancy Holt and Richard Serra

Boomerang (1974), Serra taped Nancy Holt as she talks and hears her words played back to her after they have been delayed electronically. Originally broadcast over Amarillo, TX public television.

June 14, 2011


Mark Brandon "Chopper" Read. Hanging with Eric Bana, spinning one of his famous yarns about the time he escaped the notorious H Division by cutting off his ears, in order to avoid a hit.

AUDIO (2003 Australian TV Interview)

June 10, 2011

Dj Bank Of Italy - Continuum Mix (2005)

Trippy mix/radio show from the archives of italian label Montemagro.
A lot of slowing down/speeding up and unnecessary layering. Some earlyish grime stuff, african music etc.

Part 1

Part 2


June 08, 2011


My friend Russell will be on the airwaves via Domino Radio late tonight/early tomorrow serving up a thick slice of psych and stoner-rock. The show will be kicking off at 1am GMT so if your the nocturnal type and your still up getting baked (or doing whatever it is you get up to) then this might satisfy your mongdom?

You can listen to the archived show here

June 05, 2011

The Hired Hand

by Peter Fonda (1971)

After seven years of wandering, of tired days and nights, with the earth for a bed, Collings feels that there is nothing for him but to return home, to his farm, to the wife he left when he was still almost a boy and to the little daughter who thinks he is dead. Reluctantly the wife takes him back, at first as a hired hand who works the land and sleeps in the barn. But in time their desires meet and he becomes a husband again. And it is then that he learns that Harris, his companion of the seven years, is held captive by a man he had wounded and is being slowly tortured to death. So Collings leaves his wife and farm and child and goes off to save his friend and to meet his fate. more

*Film was here to watch but was removed from YouTube*

Bruce Langhorne - The Hired Hand OST (1969)

John Wayne TV

June 03, 2011

Utter Doomdom

Classic doom metal primer

v/a DARK PASSAGES (Rise Above, 1991)

Cathedral – Mourning Of A New Day
Saint Vitus – I Bleed Black
Stillborn – Permanent Solution
Penance – Contemplation
Count Raven – High Beliefs
Cathedral – Ebony Tears
Revelation – Blessed Realm
Solitude Aeturnus – Where Angels Dare To Tread
Stillborn - Father Of Lies
Penance - The Penance

June 02, 2011

San Francisco

by Anthony Stern (1968)